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From time to time, the North American Division shares commentaries on issues and/or events important to Adventists in this division. We also publish stories, which sometimes include interviews and features, to inspire our leaders and members.

Randy Robinson is the treasurer of the North American Division.

Randy Robinson Shares How He’ll Use His “Grandma and Grandpa Jones” Philosophy as NAD’s Newest Treasurer

This is the second of a six-part series that will introduce the officers and directors of the North American Division who have begun settling in to their newly elected positions. Randy Robinson was officially voted to serve as treasurer for the North American Division on November 2 during the division’s 2018 Year-End Meeting. Robinson had previously worked as treasurer for the Southern Union for nearly 11 years.

Bonita Joyner Shields is the newly elected director of NAD Stewardship Ministries

Bonita Shields Shares Vision for NAD Stewardship Ministries as Its First Female Director

This is the first of a six-part series that will introduce the officers and directors of the North American Division who have begun settling in to their newly elected positions. Bonita Joyner Shields was officially voted to serve as director of Stewardship Ministries on November 2 during the 2018 North America Division Year-End Meeting. Shields is not new to the division, she previously served Stewardship Ministries as associate director. Shields is the first woman to occupy the role of director.

stock photo of youth Bible study

Finding Purpose for Youth Sabbath School Starts by Asking “Why?” and “How?”

While the Adult Sabbath School purposes have increased and morphed over the years, a purpose for Youth Sabbath School seems silent. This reality begs the question as to the worth of Youth Sabbath School today. Has Youth Sabbath School lost its value? If so, how can we make it valuable again?

Kris Simons at Marsh home in Poplar, Montana

Stronger Than Prejudice

Nearly 30 years ago Kristina “Kris” Simons arrived in Poplar, Montana, as an altruistic travel nurse looking to address the alarming health needs of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. “It’s not the easiest place in the world to live, for sure, but it can be one of the most satisfying and gratifying places,” she said.

Chef GW Chew

Appetite for Influence

GW Chew has always had a passion for entrepreneurship, missionary work, and food. Starting The Veg Hub restaurant as a center of influence in Oakland, California, was a no-brainer.

first Adventist camp meeting, held in Michigan

Camp Meeting: Still Here After 150 Years!

From the very first camp meeting of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, held in 1868 on the farm of E. H. Root in Wright, Michigan, to the 111 camp meetings held in the North American Division (NAD) in 2018, the benefits of these gatherings are still countless.

President Harry Truman awards Desmond Doss medal of honor

The Soldier Who Saved Just “One More”

February 7, 2019, marks 100 years since Desmond Thomas Doss’s birth in Lynchburg, Virginia. Doss, who passed away in 2006, grew up to be one of the greatest examples of love and kindness of the century as he served as an unarmed U.S. Army medic in World War II. Not many would go into the bloodiest battle of the war without a weapon. Armed only with his faith and a prayer, his faith, love, and patriotism changed the world.

Three of Little Rock Nine, Terrence Roberts

A Legacy of Empowerment

God has always been active in the work of deliverance, liberation, and empowerment. ... As long as there is poverty, injustice, and oppression, the Lord still has a work for us to do. He challenges us still today, saying that whatever we do for “the least of these” (Matt. 25:40, KJV) it’s as though we did it to Him directly.

Jenn, AdventHealth

Generations of Adventist Health Care

Like the passing of a torch, committed Seventh-day Adventists have passed the privilege and responsibility of working for the church’s healing ministry from generation to generation. Within the Adventist Health System, soon to be known as AdventHealth, children in countless families have followed in their parents’ footsteps, continuing the legacy of extending the healing ministry of Christ in hospitals and care sites across the country.

stock photo for Dan Jackson's top 10 dreams and goals of 2018 and 19

2018 Accomplishments — and 2019 Dreams

"No organization can survive without dreams," says Dan Jackson, NAD president. "Our dreams can, when initiated by God and blessed by the work of His Spirit, become realities. In the NAD, we continue to focus on strategic thinking and planning." Jackson shares his thoughts on dreams accomplished in the division in 2018 and hopes for 2019.