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Adventist Fitness Group Leads Made to Move Challenge at the 2022 CALLED Convention

On stage at the CALLED convention on June 19, 2022, evening meeting.

F5 Challenge members lead a movement break at the CALLED convention on June 19, 2022, during the evening arena experience meeting. Photo by Pieter Damsteegt/NAD

The official fitness team of the 2022 CALLED Pastors’ Family Convention was formed long before event planning began. The group, F5 Challenge, offers fitness events across the North American Division and beyond, and is open Adventist and non-Adventists alike.

“Our events are designed so you can bring non-Adventists,” says group co-founder Calvin Kim. “It’s easier to invite someone to go hiking than to invite them to go church.”

Representatives from F5 Challenge have been leading in movement breaks during the convention meetings and as well as all the activities in the morning Made to Move Challenge time. Those interested in joining F5 for future events can request to join its private Facebook group.

The name F5 stands for faith, fellowship, fitness, fortitude and fun, an alliterative nod to the spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and social aspects of health. “We’re intentional about the fellowship part of it,” Kim said. “Come to one of our events and you’re going to make 10-20 new friends.”

It all started six years ago, when a pastor friend asked Kim to join him in hiking the Grand Canyon: a taxing grind, often compared to climbing Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the lower 48 states. Kim was up for the adventure, but didn’t relish slogging through months of difficult training alone.

To make preparations more enjoyable, Kim sent out messages inviting others to join the process. To his surprise, responses kept rolling in. People wanted to come for the hike, the road trip, and the sense of adventure.

Members of the F5 Challenge group after a hike to Angels Landing in Zion National Park.  Photo from the F5 Challenge Facebook page.

Members of the F5 Challenge group pose for a photo after a hike to Angels Landing in Zion National Park. Photo from the F5 Challenge Facebook page

One hundred ten people showed up for that Grand Canyon hike, prompting Kim to keep the adventures coming.

“Loneliness is so ubiquitous. People are lonely,” said Kim. “People are looking for a face-to-face connection.”

Today, the F5 Facebook group is still active, and those interested in becoming part of it can request to join. The group also has a website; and numerous public social profiles.

F5 members host local events across the North American Division and beyond, and the group also plans one large-scale meet-up each year. They choose a popular travel destination and invite members from different regions to come interact in person.

Kim also stated that people don’t have to reach a certain level of fitness in order to join F5 Challenge, adding: “There’s something for everyone from the couch potato to the iron man level."