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From time to time, the North American Division shares commentaries on issues and/or events important to Adventists in this division. We also publish stories, which sometimes include interviews and features, to inspire our leaders and members.

stock photo for Dan Jackson's top 10 dreams and goals of 2018 and 19

2018 Accomplishments — and 2019 Dreams

"No organization can survive without dreams," says Dan Jackson, NAD president. "Our dreams can, when initiated by God and blessed by the work of His Spirit, become realities. In the NAD, we continue to focus on strategic thinking and planning." Jackson shares his thoughts on dreams accomplished in the division in 2018 and hopes for 2019.

Boy with Bible

Troubled Resolutions

It’s a familiar story. Christ was visiting with dear friends. There was much hustle and bustle. We don’t know the size of the group that was gathered, but no doubt there was plenty of work to be done. Martha was busily serving and making everything just right for her Guest of Honor. Then comes the gentle rebuke: “You are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed” (Luke 10:41, 42, NKJV).

The ETAM “driver” uses a motorized covered boat to transport students to school.

Constructing an Amazonian Dream

From July 8-22, more than 200 students and volunteers from the United States and South America completed the final construction phases of the Escole Técnica Adventista do Massauari. The school is located in the village of Nova Jerusalém, in Amazonas, Brazil.

Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary worldview symposium speaker

Transforming Worldview(s) Conference: "Biblical Faithfulness in a Pluralistic Age"

From Oct.18–20, 2018, the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary held a worldview symposium that stimulated much discussion. This event was sponsored by the Adventist Theological Society and Biblical Research Institute — the theme was “Transforming Worldview(s): Biblical Faithfulness in a Pluralistic Age.” In addition to the promised academic exploration of the “significance of worldview formation for Adventist identity, theology and mission,” attendees were led to examine their own worldview and its impact on their spirituality and ministry.

broken Christmas ornament

When Holidays Aren’t So Jolly

Christmas is all too often the most stressful time of the year. This can lead to unintended anger or outbursts, emotional or mental breakdowns, or physical problems such as high blood pressure. The holidays can be harmful, instead of refreshing our faith in our soon-returning Savior.

San Antonio Church in Saipan

This Just In: Bible Worker Reports on Conditions in Saipan After Super Typhoon Yutu

The Bible speaks of a time of trouble such as the world has never seen before, a time when no one can buy or sell.  Many of my friends believe that time has arrived has arrived in Saipan.

Cristina Norcross and friends in Peru

Strangers at a Funeral

After only three weeks in Peru, Cristina and some of the other volunteers attended the funeral of a local church member. She wasn’t sure how her presence could be much of a support for a family she didn’t know, but God used her willingness in a surprising way.

Adventist Information Ministry

When Calls Become Baptisms

The role of media ministries in the North American Division (NAD) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is to create a flood of interest through their programming, station placement, and their weekly offers. The main role of Adventist Information Ministry (AIM), headquartered on the campus of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, is to collect those interests and “upgrade” as many as they can to pass on to the local church, often for personal connection and Bible study. AIM sometimes learns what happens with those it connects to local churches. Here are a few of those stories, shared during ministry meetings in August.

married couple sitting on sofa after argument

Ending Domestic Violence — No Time to Waste

The church plays an important role in creating a safe community and an environment in which domestic violence, or intimate partner violence (IPV), is addressed, not covered up. An appropriate understanding of Scripture is also protective. Local churches must become aware of resources in their communities designed to help both victims and perpetrators.

Sad boy in chair ADHD

Exceptional Children with Special Needs: Knowing the Warning Signs

Charline Etienne’s daughter was a kindergartner at a Miami learning center when she began having problems in school. Etienne turned to a pediatrician who tested the girl and diagnosed her with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). From there, Etienne embarked on a long, tiresome journey to find the resources her daughter needed to thrive academically.