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From time to time, the North American Division shares commentaries on issues and/or events important to Adventists in this division. We also publish stories, which sometimes include interviews and features, to inspire our leaders and members.

Friedmann baby born at Winter Park

After Evacuating from Hurricane Ida, Louisiana Woman Delivers Baby at AdventHealth Winter Park

Preparing for a new baby is stressful. So is planning for the approach of a dangerous storm. Lindsay Friedmann recently had to do both — at the same time.

Heather SWAU nursing student

A 2021 Southwestern Adventist University Nursing Graduate Shares How the University Helped Shape Her Values

For Heather Chirinos, a recent nursing graduate and former student nurse association president at Southwestern Adventist University, her involvement in campus life helped shaped her values. Learn more in this interview.

stock photo of woman customer service rep

Pointing People to Christ

The clock’s hands were almost reaching 5:30 p.m. when the last call of the day came straight to my queue. "Why me?" I thought, a little bit annoyed. Modulating my voice to sound professional, I picked up the phone and answered: “Good afternoon, Pacific Press, how may I help you?” A woman’s voice on the other end of the line immediately said: “Buenas tardes, ¿me escucha?” Not for a moment did she ever ask if I spoke her language or understood what she was saying. She just assumed I did. And I followed along.

stock photo of war spelled out on blocks

The War to End All Wars

War is a tragedy — the loss of life, displacement of people, destruction of the environment, disease and other aftereffects make it more than a devasting event. As we commemorate the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 and reflect on the recent withdrawal of the U.S. military forces in Afghanistan, ending the nation’s longest war, one might wonder if this could possibly have been the war to end all wars.

stock photo of New York City skyline with World Trade Center lights

NAD President Commemorates 9/11, Calls Adventists in North America to Prayer of Remembrance

As we remember how life in the United States and around the world changed 20 years ago when 3,000 lost their lives in terrorist acts on September 11, 2001, I urge our members in the North American Division to pray for those who were impacted by these events and lost loved ones on that day.

Tim Kosaka

Bridging the Gap: The Impact of Young Leadership in the Church

Tim Kosaka, director of marketing and public relations at Southwestern Adventist University (SWAU), never saw himself living and working in Texas. His prayer, though, was that God would lead him to a place where his faith would be strengthened, with a church community in which he could serve.

Missionary Elisa with Ebeye students

GLOW Tract in Marshallese Brightens the Summer on Ebeye

The Marshall Islands got a little brighter this summer with the arrival of the first Marshallese GLOW tract. These pocket-sized pamphlets attract readers by offering information on relevant topics like health, relationships, and Biblical truths. The Marshallese tract marks the first one published in the local island language.

Colorful blobs resembling a crowd of diverse people

The Church’s Needed Witness

The political and social events of the year 2020 have once again pushed unresolved issues around race relations in the United States to center stage in our national and international conversations. The video-recorded murder of George Floyd by a police officer on May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, represented for millions a tipping point, one that elicited an outcry by leaders who highlighted historical inequity and called for social justice across a diverse range of political, commercial, academic, and ecclesiastical institutions.

stock photo of teen on phone

Ready to Minister to New Generations?

Growing up today as a teenager is challenging to say the least. On top of social pressure, which has always been around, we have social media, which didn’t exist when I was growing up. Some of the issues that confront youth today include anorexia, bullying, cyber addiction, depression, legalized marijuana, sexting, sex trafficking, fake news, vaping, drinking, and smoking, to name a few. What is a parent to do? What can the church do? 

Charis McRoy

Charis McRoy Has Something to Say!

At 17, Charis McRoy is Guide magazine’s youngest columnist by several decades. That doesn’t, however, mean she has any less to say than her more experienced counterparts. When Lori Futcher, Guide’s editor, and Laura Samano, managing editor, met McRoy at the 2019 Pathfinder Camporee, they knew they’d found someone special. They prayed with McRoy then and there about her potential future work with the magazine.