Brand Guidelines

NAD Brand Guidelines

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About Our Brand

Start here for the NAD Brand Guide introduction that talks about our brand and how to strategically create awareness of NAD and Adventists in all your communications.

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Learn about the church symbol and meaning, elements of the logo, and download English, Spanish, French versions of the logo. Review clear space and minimum size requirements and logo usage "do's and don'ts". Depending on your logo needs, use local church, conferences, unions and their departments, and division departments logos. Also, learn how to use The Creation Grid for use on special communications.

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Business System

Learn about and download templates for business card, letterhead, #10 envelope, note card and A2 envelope, and digital presentation. Review the social media visual branding and learn how to brand your e-signature.

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Learn about and download production files for the changeable letter sign, monument sign, pylon vertical monument signs, and directional road signs.

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Access convenient links to all downloadable files in the Brand Guide, learn about file formats, and contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

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Downloadable templates for educational institutions in the North American Division