NAD President to Retire July 1; Replacement Process Defined

Daniel R. Jackson, president of the North American Division of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (NAD) and his wife Donna, have announced their intent to retire, effective July 1, 2020. With the postponement of the 2020 General Conference (GC) Session, NAD administration has worked with GC leadership to establish a clear process for the election of the new NAD president in July 2020.

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Drive-By Greetings and Online Giving

For Pastors Phil and Jan White of the Simi Valley Seventh-day Adventist church in Southern California, the transition from normal church services to live-streaming and online giving was seamless. The church was live-streaming services pre-pandemic, and, for the past eight years, has been using Adventist Giving online. “A small percentage of the membership used before, for convenience,” said Pastor Phil White, “and now about 50 percent of our church family is using the service.”

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Maintaining Hope During Distance Learning, Planting ‘Seeds for Life’ for Citizens of the Navajo Nation

The Navajo people have been disproportionality affected by the deadly coronavirus since the first case was confirmed on the tribal land on March 17, 2020. Navajo Nation has the most confirmed cases of COVID-19 per capita in the United States. The principal of the Adventist boarding school that provides a safe haven for its Navajo students, and the native ministries director for the Pacific Union Conference share their realities of serving the marginalized nation within a nation, especially during the coronavirus public health crisis.

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Escrito Está Holds Virtual Meetings with Nearly 250,000 Views

Between April 18-25, 2020, Robert Costa, speaker/director for the It Is Written Spanish language ministry Escrito Está, shared hope with people in Mexico. Under quarantine orders himself, Pastor Costa conducted an online evangelistic series for the North Mexican Union entitled “El poder de la Esperanza” (“The Power of Hope”) from his home. The event was live streamed through Facebook and YouTube. Due to the online platform, other conferences and churches throughout the North America, Central America, and South America, and Western Europe, joined the event. The attendance peaked with 247,000 views opening weekend. 

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Uber Outreach!

Uber drivers Alex and Janeth Partyka found that one of the more difficult — and intimidating — aspects of witnessing was knowing when and how to witness in a non-invasive way. When Janeth started driving full time, she came up with an idea that has opened up many more opportunities to witness to their riders in a natural, personal way.

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Local Church, Union, and Division Team Up to Provide Lunches for Healthcare Workers at a Maryland Hospital

The New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church, Columbia Union Conference, and several ministries at the North American Division (NAD) contributed funds to provide two separate meals to the approximately 1,000 healthcare workers on staff at Howard County General Hospital.

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Navigating the Realities of Death During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Perspectives of a Funeral Home Director and a Hospice Care Executive

Behind the numbers of cases and deaths related to COVID-19 are human beings with loved ones and families. Those loved ones are not able to say their goodbyes gathered around the bedside, nor are they able to lay the deceased to rest with a memorial service, or any of the customary practices. This creates an unusual circumstance for those who care for the living and the dead.

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Pacific Union Evangelism Training Students to Help Deliver Hope During Uncertain Times

Students at SOULS West, Pacific Union Conference’s evangelism training school located in Prescott, Arizona, are partnering with the Pacific Press Publishing Association to help deliver hope. With help from Pacific Press, SOULS West students started raising funds to send thousands of copies of "The Great Hope," an abridged, modern-language version of Ellen G. White’s classic book "The Great Controversy," to COVID-19-ravaged Los Angeles, California.