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The Power of 10

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In my role as CFO, I am called upon to communicate complicated and lengthy financial statement analysis to those who do not regularly interact with that information. It has been a career goal of mine to make that information simple and accurate so most anyone can quickly understand. That desire to make the complicated simple has spilled over into my everyday life.

I remember one topic in math class: exponents. Using the number 10, the exponent describes how many times 10 is multiplied by itself. In other words, 10 to the first power is 10; 10 to the second power is 10 x 10; 10 to the third power is 10 x 10 x 10; and so on. Another way to say it is the result of the exponential statement is the number of zeros that follow one.

Why Exponents?

Why would I be commenting on the topic of exponents? My attempt is to describe the power of 10 when adding exponents. Notice when you start with 10: 10 to the second power gets you quickly to 100. At 10 to the third power, you get to 1,000. You see how fast the number grows by just adding one to the exponent. The size and power of the number 10 grows very quickly as you add to the exponent. We say it increases exponentially.

I want to encourage you in your spiritual walk by using the simplicity of the exponential power of 10. Specifically, 10 to the fourth power. I hope you recognize, using a simple observation in Scripture, that your power, by God’s grace, increases exponentially!

Earlier I mentioned I like to simplify the complex. I admit that sometimes my spiritual life gets complicated. I get wrapped up in all kinds of theological arguments and definitions. I get stuck in the weeds of biblical interpretation and application. I can tend to lose sight of the simplicity of the Gospel message. He died to forgive my sins and rose from the dead to save me so I can live with Him for eternity. Jesus loves and wants me.

10 to the Fourth Power

During recent personal devotions, God led me to a simple reminder of His love and care using 10 to the fourth power. First, I referenced four books of the Bible (the exponent), in consecutive order; Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, and 2 Corinthians. Secondly (the power of 10), the focus passage comes from chapter 10 in each of the four books. Simple, right? Four consecutive books, each message from God coming from chapter 10 of the respective book. Simple to understand and remember.

Below is how the messages of this biblical ‘10 to the fourth power’ spiritual tool breakdown with those four books and chapters.

10 to the First Power — Acts 10:43: This passage shares that we receive forgiveness through Jesus, plain and simple. Those who embrace and accept Jesus and His sacrifice, will receive forgiveness of sin.

10 to the Second Power — Romans 10:9, 13: This simple reminder is that when we confess and call on the name of Jesus, we will be saved.

10 to the Third Power — 1 Corinthians 10:13: This powerful message is that God will never allow a temptation to come that with His help, we cannot overcome. He will always provide a way of escape!

10 to the Fourth Power — 2 Corinthians 10:3-5: This final passage reminds us that we do not depend on human tools to fight Satan. God provides divine tools that will always overcome evil, even the most entrenched and stubborn strongholds of evil. Christ comes in and directs 100 percent of our thoughts as we submit to Him.

His Power in Us

These four passages provide simple promises from God that we can rely on every day: 10 to the first power — forgiveness; 10 to the second power — salvation; 10 to the third power — overcoming temptation; 10 to the fourth power — Christ’s indwelling power.

God will multiply His power in us exponentially as we embrace His Word. Be encouraged by the simple reminders contained in this 10 to the fourth power message!

— Randy Robinson is treasurer for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America.