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NAD Administrators Affirm Work and Assess Needs During Visit to the Guam-Micronesia Mission

Beginning January 4, 2024, a North American Division (NAD) administrative team visited several islands within the Guam-Micronesia Mission (GMM) for two weeks. “We wanted to provide encouragement and do an assessment of needs and see how we could better support the work there,” said NAD president G. Alexander Bryant.

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Christian Record Services for the Blind Marks 125 Years of Transformative Service

In the heart of compassion and dedication, Christian Record Services (CRS) stands tall as it celebrates an incredible milestone — 125 years of unwavering commitment to serving individuals worldwide who are blind and visually impaired. Since its inception in 1899, CRS has been a beacon of hope, breaking down barriers and providing life-changing services to individuals facing vision challenges. 

Walla Walla University School of Nursing Receives More Than $100,000 to Update Portland Simulation Lab

Walla Walla University School of Nursing has received a $105,231 grant from the Washington Student Achievement Council to upgrade nursing simulation labs on the Portland campus. This is the third significant grant awarded to the School of Nursing in the past year which total more than $490,000, continuing to support high-level nursing education at WWU.

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Mid-America Union Hosts Fourth Stop of Young Adult LIFE Tour

The fourth stop of the Young Adult LIFE Tour took place in the Mid-America Union Conference territory at the College View church in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Jan. 26-27, 2024. With more than 150 registrants and 900 in attendance on Sabbath morning, the event reached a large audience with the message of strategically engaging and encouraging all generations to grow together on our faith journeys. The Young Adult LIFE Tour, co-sponsored by the North American Division, unions, conferences and local churches, is an opportunity for family, friends and church members to come together in a dedicated space and place to empower young adults for ministry. 

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Pacific Union College Students Give Back to Community for Service Day

On October 19, 2023, students at Pacific Union College had the opportunity to partner with community agencies to give back to the local neighborhoods. During service day, students volunteer at service locations to assist residents with various community needs. This campus program implements service learning, where students can get involved in the food pantry, homeless and hospital ministries, and other service-learning activities at the college. Service day is just one dimension of PUC’s commitment to community involvement.

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The Church Parking Lot

What does your church parking lot look like during the week? For many, the answer is “empty,” but for two Adventist Community Services (ACS) ministries in the Houston, Texas, area, the answer is “full of cars.” The Fondren Seventh-day Adventist Church ACS moved their food distribution into the parking lot in 2020 to abide by COVID-19 recommendations and they haven’t moved back inside. Rain or shine, Fondren ACS volunteers distribute boxes of food to their community every Wednesday.

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Andrews University Sustainable Agriculture Receives Certification

On October 11, 2023, the Department of Sustainable Agriculture at Andrews University achieved Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) certification for its livestock system at the Agriculture Education Center. The education center is now among five percent of farms in Michigan to have earned this certification.

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2023 North American Division Year-End Meeting Sees New Appointments in Presidential and Treasury Departments

On Friday, October 27, day two of the 2023 North American Division Year-End Meeting (NAD YEM), the NAD executive committee received names for new appointments recommended by the North American Division’s standing committee with an overwhelming majority vote. Ivan Williams, Sr., current NAD ministerial director, was elected as the NAD vice president of strategic leadership; Adam Fenner, director of Adventist Learning Community (ALC), was elected to assume an additional role as NAD vice president for digital media; and Chad Grundy, Carolina Conference undertreasurer, was elected NAD undertreasurer.