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NAD NewsPoints is a weekly e-newsletter for all Seventh-day Adventist church leaders and members in North America. In every regular issue you'll find news, announcements, resources, ViewPoints quote, links to Adventists in the News, Adventist Journey magazine link Edition, and Upcoming Events (Special Days & Offerings). CLICK HERE to subscribe!


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A Conversation on Racism and Adventism with NAD Leadership

NewsPoints June 18, 2020

Jun 18, 2020-Special Edition: A Conversation on Racism and Adventism with NAD Leadership [video]; and resource list for churches and members

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Daniel R. and Donna Jackson

NewsPoints June 17, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-Dan and Donna Jackson interview; "Let Justice Roll" conference; frontline Adventist workers; new Southern Adventist University VP; more

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Supreme Court

NewsPoints June 15, 2020

Jun 15, 2020-Special Edition: Seventh-day Adventist Church Responds to U.S. Supreme Court Employment Decision Impacting Religious Liberty

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Hands folded in prayer

NewsPoints June 12, 2020

Jun 12, 2020-Special Edition: NAD Asks Members to Join in a Special Day of Prayer for Racial Justice and Equality

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Walter L. Pearson Jr., retired speaker/director of Breath of Life

NewsPoints June 10, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-"The (Virtual) Tent" series by/for kids; Evangelist Walter L. Pearson Jr. passes away; Kansas City pantry; transforming race relations

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Dan Jackson Addresses Racial Tensions in the U.S.

NewsPoints June 5, 2020

Jun 5, 2020-Special Edition: NAD President Addresses Racial Tensions in U.S.

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Pathfinder Bible Experience

NewsPoints June 4, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-PBE 2020 goes virtual; "Seeing" during COVID-19; NAD releases guide to digital discipleship; NAD response to racial turmoil translated

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NAD building

NewsPoints May 29, 2020

May 29, 2020-Special Edition: NAD Issues Response to Recent Deaths and Racial Turmoil in U.S.

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NAD headquarters

NewsPoints May 27, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-NAD votes process for electing directors right after GC Session 2021; Sonscreen 2020 goes virtual; It Is Written helps in India; more

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Dan and Donna Jackson

NewsPoints May 20, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-NAD president to retire July 1, replacement process defined; Adventists in the Navajo Nation during COVID-19; Drive-by 90th b-day; more

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