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NAD NewsPoints is a weekly e-newsletter for all Seventh-day Adventist church leaders and members in North America. In every regular issue you'll find news, announcements, resources, ViewPoints quote, links to Adventists in the News, Adventist Journey magazine link Edition, and Upcoming Events (Special Days & Offerings). CLICK HERE to subscribe!


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Ralph Trecartin, new Pacific Union College president

NewsPoints May 26, 2021

NAD NewsPoints-New Pacific Union College president; new evangelism resource for kids; ADRA Canada in Cambodia; missionary volunteer serves in Spokane

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Man speaking in a Zoom video call

NewsPoints May 19, 2021

NAD NewsPoints-Thousands watch COVID-19 vaccine symposium; Ivy league school for Adventist university grad; Mental Health digital resources launched

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Covid-19 Vaccine Symposium promo poster with syringe

NewsPoints May 12, 2021

AD NewsPoints-COVID-19 symposium airs this weekend; Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month [video]; ADRA helps COVID-19 relief efforts in India; more

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Orna Garnett and Michael Martell sitting in chairs onstage

NewsPoints May 5, 2021

NAD NewsPoints-NAD HR conference helps attendees "refocus"; First officially-recognized Armenian Company; The "richest woman in Keene, Texas"; more

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NAD President G. Alexander Bryant speaking into a microphone

NewsPoints April 30, 2021

Apr 30, 2021-Special Edition: 2021 Elections Bring Leadership Changes, Policy Updates for NAD

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Palm trees blowing in the wind

NewsPoints April 28, 2021

NAD NewsPoints-Mission volunteer overseas deployment approved; Southern Adventist Univ. Enactus places 3rd; Minnesota teacher retires after 57 years

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Teenagers looking at a laptop

NewsPoints April 21, 2021

NAD NewsPoints-At virtual PBE, 135 teams test; NAD officer gets COVID-19 vaccine [video]; NAD prayer convention; Commentary: "Called for This Moment"

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Juan R. Prestol-Puesán speaking at a podium

NewsPoints April 14, 2021

NAD NewsPoints-GC treasurer to retire; New GC treasurer/secretary voted; Community garden at a local church; Adventist Retirement hires two employees

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Prayer conference poster announcement

NewsPoints April 7, 2021

NAD NewsPoints-Story: New editor for Adventist pioneer book series; NAD prayer convention; "The Most Precious Gift" - an organ donation story; more

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Man and woman standing side-by-side

NewsPoints March 31, 2021

NAD NewsPoints-Story: Changing Girls' Lives in Kenya; Walla Walla Univ./Hope Channel collaboration; small Maine church helps in big way; more

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