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NAD NewsPoints is a weekly e-newsletter for all Seventh-day Adventist church leaders and members in North America. In every regular issue you'll find news, announcements, resources, ViewPoints quote, links to Adventists in the News, Adventist Journey magazine link Edition, and Upcoming Events (Special Days & Offerings). CLICK HERE to subscribe!


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Escrito Esta online evangelistic series presented by Robert Costa

NewsPoints May 13, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-Escrito Está virtual meetings; Southern Adventist University boot camp for high schoolers; ADRA offers ACS food pantries help; more

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Northeastern Conference Adventist Community Services Center

NewsPoints May 6, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-Northeastern ACS serves 375 families; sharing literature during COVID-19; It Is Written Sabbath school; dealing with social media hate

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Wayne Moore, emergency medicine physician

NewsPoints April 29, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-Adventist doctor shares COVID-19 experiences; new Oakwood scholarship; pastoral self-care reminder; ADRA aids Loma Linda hospital; more

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Healthcare workers with meals purchased by Adventist ministries

NewsPoints April 22, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-Adventist entities provide lunch to 1,000 Md healthcare workers; It Is Written survives cyberattack; dealing with death during COVID-19

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NAD Adventist Community Services invests $1.5 million

NewsPoints April 16, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-Churches damaged by tornadoes; NAD ACS gives $1.5 million for conferences' COVID-19 efforts; Adventist Health acquires Blue Zones; more

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North American Division headquarters

NewsPoints April 9, 2020

Apr 9, 2020-Special Edition: NAD Leadership Provides Guidance on Government Funding Assistance Due to COVID-19 Crisis

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Breath of Life - The Awakening broadcast

NewsPoints April 8, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-Breath of Life to air Easter special on ABC; NAD treasurer interview; new WallaWalla University degree; message on death, life and hope

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Ministry leaders continue to serve their communities

NewsPoints April 1, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-Serving the homeless, sick, food insecure during COVID-19; Health-why quarantine?; a Message magazine story; Oromo-language livestream

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John Bradshaw hosts online evangelistic event

NewsPoints March 25, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-It Is Written online evangelism series; tips for streaming church from a smartphone; Pacific Press offers free kids' magazines; more

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Mike Tucker and Roy Ice

NewsPoints March 18, 2020

NAD NewsPoints-Meet new Faith for Today speaker; New Christian Record communication director; NAD moves to virtual office in COVID-19 response; more

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