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NAD NewsPoints is a weekly e-newsletter for all Seventh-day Adventist church leaders and members in North America. In every regular issue you'll find news, announcements, resources, ViewPoints quote, links to Adventists in the News, Adventist Journey magazine link Edition, and Upcoming Events (Special Days & Offerings). CLICK HERE to subscribe!


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NewsPoints November 13, 2019

NewsPoints November 13, 2019

NAD NewsPoints-More NAD YEM coverage; A look at the NAD's journey to parity thus far: Southern welcomes new VP; Church in the Valley recognized; more

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Bob Honest prays at NAD Year-End Meetings 2019

NewsPoints November 7, 2019

NAD NewsPoints-NAD Year-End Meeting coverage: business session summaries, officer reports, Dan Jackson sermon; more

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Health Ministry training in Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference

NewsPoints October 31, 2019

NAD NewsPoints-Health Ministries training in Canada; talk with NAD VP Tony Anobile; It Is Written to open new facility; how to watch Year-End Meeting

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Daryl Gungadoo presents at the Society of Adventist Communicators 2019

NewsPoints October 24, 2019

NAD NewsPoints-Communicators convention in N.M.; Southern Adventist University helps Cuba Theological Seminary; Rep. Cummings legacy lives on; more

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Adventist Information Ministry adds text and chat service

NewsPoints October 16, 2019

NAD NewsPoints-AIM call center adds text, chat options; three new books on relating to people of other faiths; ADRA's global education campaign; more

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2019 NAD Women's Convention Participants

NewsPoints October 10, 2019

NAD NewsPoints-God In Shoes event helps Fla. community; Iceland photo tour offers networking/learning; Ron C. Smith new AdventHealth chair; more

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Praise at NAD Women's Convention 2019

NewsPoints October 3, 2019

NAD NewsPoints-NAD Women's Convention emphasizes whole-person health; Andrews' wellness center opens; La Sierra study on Adventist culture; more

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Pastoral family

NewsPoints September 26, 2019

NAD NewsPoints-Debunking six myths about your pastor; Pathfinder Clubs donate items after Oshkosh; 105 baptized in NY after evangelistic series; more

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Tennis Player Joelle Chung

NewsPoints September 18, 2019

NAD NewsPoints-Adventist tennis siblings go to court; Christian Record extends services worldwide; Breath of Life releases first sharing book; more

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NAD's 2019 enditnow Summit on Abuse

NewsPoints September 11, 2019

NAD NewsPoints-Summit on Abuse held in seminary chapel; Family Ministries awards couple; 9-11 Commentary; link found between faith/addiction recovery

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