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NAD NewsPoints is a weekly e-newsletter for all Seventh-day Adventist church leaders and members in North America. In every regular issue you'll find news, announcements, resources, ViewPoints quote, links to Adventists in the News, Adventist Journey magazine link Edition, and Upcoming Events (Special Days & Offerings). CLICK HERE to subscribe!


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NewsPoints July 4, 2018

ADRA Canada helps after Guatemala volcano; Congolese refugee family joins Denver church; How Many Stars film released; Flags/Freedom commentary; more

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NewsPoints June 21, 2018

Religious liberty icon passes away; NAD chaplain promoted to captain; Growing Young Adventists speakers certified; It Is Written wins 6 awards; more

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NewsPoints - Special Edition June 16, 2018

NAD NewsPoints - Special Edition: “Suffer the little children …” – An Appeal From the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America

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NewsPoints June 14, 2018

C.D. Brooks Chapel in NAD building dedicated; ACS volunteers help Baltimore flood victims; Blog: digital media does make global impact; much more

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NewsPoints June 6, 2018

Local Md. church and ADRA hold special event; Andrews University to close its dairy; hospital plants garden to help underserved patients; more

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NewsPoints May 31, 2018

Religious Liberty Dinner held in D.C.; NAD president Dan Jackson speaks at SAU graduation ceremony; ACS Disaster Response advisory in RI; more

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NewsPoints May 24, 2018

NAD Adventist women in leadership meet, share advice; Jiří Moskala talks about new book; tips for ACS DR leaders after a mass shooting occurs; more

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NewsPoints May 18, 2018

Is This Thing On? broadcasts from Walla Walla; La Sierra Wind Ensemble at Carnegie Hall; Andrews sophomore mathematics major receives award; more

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NewsPoints May 9, 2018

Educator Dr. V. Bailey Gillespie passes away; Colorado pastor recognized for city council service; Oakwood receives Crystal Apple health award; more

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