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Our mission

Our mission is to inspire God’s people to fund the message of Hope and Wholeness.

Mission and Vision Objectives:

  • INSPIRE members through media at the level of story that opens the heart to the Spirit’s influence.

  • EDUCATE members through redefining stewardship and its impact on their lives in the light of eternity.

  • IMPLEMENT stewardship through training, collaboration, and the development of resources.

How we serve

  • We teach Conference leaders how to develop a conference stewardship program and train pastors to develop programs in their churches.
  • We conduct Stewardship Certification courses onsite and online through Adventist Learning Community.
  • We educate parents and children by defining stewardship and promoting honesty and generosity.
  • We offer and conduct seminars on the Biblical principles of money management for both personal and church financial matters.
  • Provide information on tithes and offerings and related matters on our Web site at


Stewardship Leaders (Certification, teaching, resources)


Stewardship Stories

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  • Pastors
  • Retirees
  • Stewardship Weekends/Camp Meetings
  • Women
  • Children
  • Young Adults
  • Young Families


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Stewardship Ministries
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