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Carl McRoy

Carl McRoy

Director, Literature Ministries

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Lori Bryan

Administrative Professional II


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Our Mission

Empowering members to light their worlds with inspirational literature

How We Serve

  • Facilitating complementary collaboration between various departments, because we can reach more people together
  • Produce training materials by drawing from the best practices of literature ministries around the North American Division
  • Sponsor and assist with literature missions projects in areas with small churches that need help reaching their communities
  • Sponsor and assist with mass distribution events, like sharing tracts at major public attractions
  • Offer organizational support to areas of the NAD territory that don’t have publishing directors or literature ministries directors at the conference or union level
  • Lend support to ABC managers, publishing directors, and literature ministries directors through prayer, study, and consultation
  • Voice the concerns of literature evangelists and ABC personnel to NAD leadership
  • Teach Pathfinder honors in Christian Sales, Literature Evangelism, and Journalism
  • Assist with student and youth fundraisers


NAD Publishing Organizations– the online store for a world-wide network of Christian bookstores called Adventist Book Centers®.– the official leadership resource center for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America.– the official publishing house of the North American Division, which produces an array of Adventist books, magazines, music, and media.– your North American Division "One-Stop-Shop" Evangelism Resource Center.– your wholesale outlet for low-priced sharing literature.

Student Literature Evangelism

This is the most active and consistent form of literature missionary work across North America. Look for an outreach opportunity near you.

Canada Youth Challenge serves student literature missionaries in Canada.

Florida Youth Summit – serves student literature missionaries in Florida Conference.

Texas Youth Rush – serves student literature missionaries in Texas Conference.

Youth 4 Change – serves student literature missionaries in Allegheny East Conference.

Youth Excel – serves student literature missionaries in South Central Conference and beyond (South Central has a tradition of networking with other regional conferences to expand its field of service).

Youth Rush – serves student literature missionaries in the following conferences: Arizona, Central California, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada-Utah, Northern California, Oregon, Rocky Mountain, Southeastern California, Southern California, and Upper Columbia.

Youth Summit – serves student literature missionaries in the following conferences: Carolina, Georgia-Cumberland, Gulf States, and Kentucky-Tennessee.

"The Next Drop Off" Podcast – recently founded by former Youth Summit leaders Samuel Francis and Smerdis Fuentes to provide encouragement to other LEs. We hope you're inspired by the tips and experiences shared in these episodes.

Literature Related Pathfinder Honors

Seminars and Workshops

Preaching and seminar appointments upon request.






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