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Our mission

Philanthropic Service for Institutions (PSI) serves the Adventist Church in the North American Division as the primary source for fundraising information and assistance through training, consulting, informational resources, on-site visits, and personal contact for the purpose of assisting organizations in acquiring funds to fulfill their missions.

How we serve

  • Provide training—workshops, seminars, short presentations, courses, one-on-one training, institutes, on-line offerings (podcasts, webinars), board training
  • Provide education—assistance toward receiving certification, higher education class presentations, career advice, mentoring
  • Provide resources—library, on-line materials, hard-copy materials, publications, referrals to other organizations and their services which enhance what PSI provides
  • Small capacity building grants—available for needs that can’t be met in an organization’s budget
  • Plan events—PSI conference, special interest meetings, presidents’ dinner and colloquium
  • Information-sharing—responses to phone calls and e-mails, answering questions, sending materials, referring to experts/colleagues among our ranks
  • Customized services—special materials such as for faith-based organizations and speakers of other languages
  • Consulting services—responses to e-mail and phone requests for assistance and information, and face-to-face meetings, on site or at PSI offices
  • Career development—career advice, advising of those who want to increase expertise in fundraising while maintaining their present positions, creating awareness, training, mentoring, and academic programs
  • Data sharing—maintenance of a database so that all groups and persons can receive information and updates
  • Communications—e-Dollar (online newsletter), e-Blast via e-mail, inclusion in NAD materials and a dynamic, informative Web site
  • Social media—Web site as center of action, twitter, e-mail, and texting
  • Networking—connecting members for mutual benefit and with other organizations, materials, professional organizations, and career opportunities
  • Provide internships—Step-Up and Career Opportunities
  • Senior professionals—Opportunities for professional growth and involvement


  • Conference on Philanthropy (COP): Our signature event and one that is customized to today’s fundraiser. The conference addresses today’s current trends in philanthropy while allowing you to network with peers and experts from around the globe.
  • Leadership Symposium: A day-long session at the COP designed exclusively for CEOs, CFOs, and CDOs of Adventist organizations to inspire philanthropic growth and vision for the future.
  • Presidents’ Colloquium: An event created exclusively for church leaders. It is designed to give you the edge and proven methods for meeting your needs. Evangelism, church growth, capital campaigns, education and other church ministries are vital to fulfilling the promise.
  • Training Sessions and Seminars: These include continuing education courses, and online learning on a variety of topics, in cities around the country hosted by experts within and beyond our church.

Contact Us

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North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Philanthropic Services for Institutions (PSI)
9705 Patuxent Woods Drive
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