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Maxine Bloom received the NAD Health Ministries lifetime achievement award.

NAD Health Summit Uplifts Faith Community Nursing

The practice of faith community nursing in the Adventist Church was celebrated during the banquet ceremony of the 2019 North American Division Health Summit in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Leaders and members of the Adventist Association of Faith Community Nursing (AAFCN), along with nurses who received specialized training during the summit to become a faith community nurse, attended the banquet on Jan. 24.

first Adventist camp meeting, held in Michigan

Camp Meeting: Still Here After 150 Years!

From the very first camp meeting of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, held in 1868 on the farm of E. H. Root in Wright, Michigan, to the 111 camp meetings held in the North American Division (NAD) in 2018, the benefits of these gatherings are still countless.

La Sierra University MBA Hawaii cohort

La Sierra University's Zapara School of Business Rolls Out MBA in Hawaii

This winter, La Sierra University’s Zapara School of Business launched its first out-of-state Master of Business Administration program, offering graduate courses designed for busy health care professionals. The MBA cohort program at Adventist Health Castle medical center in Kailua, Hawaii, officially began instruction on Jan. 7, 2019.

President Harry Truman awards Desmond Doss medal of honor

The Soldier Who Saved Just “One More”

February 7, 2019, marks 100 years since Desmond Thomas Doss’s birth in Lynchburg, Virginia. Doss, who passed away in 2006, grew up to be one of the greatest examples of love and kindness of the century as he served as an unarmed U.S. Army medic in World War II. Not many would go into the bloodiest battle of the war without a weapon. Armed only with his faith and a prayer, his faith, love, and patriotism changed the world.

John Thurber

John W. Thurber, Second Tenor of the King’s Heralds Quartet, Youth Worker, Passes to His Rest

John W. Thurber, best known as second tenor of the King’s Heralds quartet with the Voice of Prophecy from 1961–1967, passed away Sunday, February 3, 2019, in Lincoln, Nebraska, at the age of 87.

Three of Little Rock Nine, Terrence Roberts

A Legacy of Empowerment

God has always been active in the work of deliverance, liberation, and empowerment. ... As long as there is poverty, injustice, and oppression, the Lord still has a work for us to do. He challenges us still today, saying that whatever we do for “the least of these” (Matt. 25:40, KJV) it’s as though we did it to Him directly.

Derek Morris, president of Hope Channel International, overs special prayer.

NAD Health Summit Equips Leaders and Practitioners to Promote Wholistic Healing within Churches and Communities

More than 150 people were empowered to embody the healing ministry of Jesus during the North American Division Health Summit 2019 in Albuquerque New Mexico, on January 20-26. The summit was themed “Healing of the Nations,” which was based on Revelation 22:2 (KJV): “And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.”

front of U.S. Capitol

Adventist Health Policy Association Opens New Office in Washington, D.C.

Just blocks from the U.S. Capitol, the Adventist Health Policy Association (AHPA), an affiliation of five Seventh-day Adventist health care systems, has opened a new office. AHPA serves as the policy and advocacy voice for more than 90 hospitals in 17 states and Washington, D.C. Affiliated health entities include more than 350 other provider organizations such as associated medical groups, nursing homes, outpatient centers and home care entities.

Tampa church members reach out after Breath of Life revival

Church Members on Mission for God in Tampa

It’s 9:30 on Sabbath morning, and Alethea Truman is already on her way to the newly planted Breath of Life Church in Tampa, Florida, where she is set to participate in the divine worship service. She is a local elder at the Mt. Calvary Church in Tampa, and she is emboldened with a passion to speak for God. After church, Truman hits the street with Peach Brooks, another member. Together, they are visiting contacts from the Breath of Life summer evangelistic revival who were never baptized.

AMC 2019 breakout session crowd

Adventist Ministries Convention Seeks to Help Church Leaders and Members Serve as Body of Christ

More than 600 ministry leaders gathered in Albuquerque, N.M. for the “Stronger United: Many Voices, One Vision” Adventist Ministries Convention. The convention, held Jan. 13-16, 2019, brought conference, union, and division ministry partners together to inspire, educate, and renew church ministry leaders across the NAD.