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G. Alexander Bryant

NAD President Says That Holy Spirit Is a Necessity to do God’s Work 

During the divine worship service on October 31, 2020, G. Alexander Bryant, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America (NAD), said we need the Holy Spirit now more than ever. “God's Spirit, God's grace, God's willingness to give — He's more willing to give it to you than a father to give bread to a hungry child, but this gift to you is in accordance to your capacity and ability to receive it.” 

NAD Headquarters

2020 NAD Year-End Meeting Video and News Coverage

Starting October 29, the 2020 NAD Year-End Meeting sessions will be streamed here. The first session started on Thursday, Oct. 29, at 3 p.m. ET. YEM runs to Tuesday, Nov. 3. Also included here are news stories, links to YEM photo collection, and more.

G. Alexander Bryant

“Let Us Plan Based on God's Exponential Possibilities”

“Our theme for this year-end meeting is ‘Come Holy Spirit.’ Come, Holy Spirit — it actually was inspired from a song that we all heard, and we used to sing some time ago at our summer camps and academies, and even at some of our colleges and universities back in the mid- to late-70s,” said G. Alexander Bryant, president of the North American Division, as he opened his report during the first day of the 2020 NAD Year-End Meeting. “And so it is a prayer of ours for the Holy Spirit to come in the power that God has promised.”

Elden Ramirez

Elden Ramirez Named North American Division Undersecretary

On October 29, 2020, the North American Division Executive Committee met virtually during the 2020 NAD Year-End Meeting to receive the name of Elden Ramirez, the recommendation for division undersecretary, from the North American Division’s standing nominating committee. Ramirez was confirmed in a vote of 209 to 19.

NAD Headquarters

En preparación para su reunión de fin de año, la División Norteamericana explica el proceso virtual, medidas de seguridad para el personal presencial

Es un hermoso día de otoño aquí en Columbia, Maryland. Esta es la época del año en que nos estaríamos preparando para recibir a cientos de miembros del comité ejecutivo, sus familias, y otros invitados especiales para la reunión de negocios de fin de año de la División Norteamericana.  Así sería en cualquier otro año excepto este año, 2020. Debido a la pandemia del COVID-19, y en cumplimiento con las pautas federales, estatales, y locales, no sólo aquí en Columbia, pero dondequiera usted viva, hemos decidido que es más seguro realizar estas reuniones virtualmente.

NAD headquarters

In Preparation for Its Year-End Meeting, the North American Division Explains Virtual Process, Safety Measures for In-Person Staff

This is the time of year that we would be preparing to welcome hundreds of executive committee members, their family, and other special guests for the year-end business meeting of the North American Division. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in following federal, state, and local guidelines the NAD has decided that it will be safer to hold these meetings virtually. There are a lot of precautions we've taken to make sure that it is safe, and that it works smoothly.

Peru stock photo

Kindness? Or Set them Straight?

​​​​​​​We know we have the story correct — the Bible says so. So how do we deal with persons who don’t believe that Genesis is right about creation and the flood? Jesus had some harsh things to say to the Pharisees who refused to accept Him, but He used a very different approach to other people He dealt with. How do we fit that into our scenario today?

G. Alexander Bryant

"Every Month Should be Pastor Appreciation Month"

This October, North American Division president G. Alexander Bryant shares appreciation for the division's pastors in a video greeting.

Virtual social networking during 2020 SAC convention

Virtual Society of Adventist Communicators Convention Expands Community Among Professionals Within NAD and Overseas

The realities of the COVID-19 pandemic forced organizers of the 2020 Society of Adventist Communicators convention to take the event online. What is typically a multiple-day experience featuring keynote addresses, dynamic presentations and workshops, networking opportunities, site visits to media outlets, and award ceremonies, was condensed to fit into the evenings of October 14 and 15 via Zoom.

Adventist leaders in Canada with new Cessna plane

Ontario Adventists Dedicate Cessna 185 for Mission to Northwestern Ontario

This past Thanksgiving, Seventh-day Adventists in Ontario, Canada,* had a lot to be thankful for, despite a challenging 2020. One of the biggest blessings is that a Cessna 185 aircraft was obtained in collaboration with Adventist World Aviation.