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Ralph Trecartin

Ralph Trecartin Announced as Pacific Union College’s 24th President

Ralph Trecartin has been selected by the Pacific Union College Board of Trustees to be the next president of Pacific Union College. He will begin his role as president on July 1, 2021, and will be the college’s twenty-fourth president in its 138-year history.

ADRA Canada in Cambodia

ADRA Canada Distributes Seeds of Hope

In October 2020, Cambodia experienced heavy rainfall across much of the country. Soon, hundreds of thousands of people in 14 provinces battled with raging flash floods. In a combined emergency response with our partners, ADRA in Canada provided emergency food and cash vouchers so that people could continue to provide for their families with dignity.

Buried Treasure

It Is Written Announces New Children’s Evangelism Program "Buried Treasure"

It Is Written is pleased to announce a brand-new children’s evangelism resource: Buried Treasure. The comprehensive 21-day program is specially designed to minister to children up to 12 years of age during an evangelistic series, Vacation Bible School, Sabbath school, or similar event. Buried Treasure is produced by My Place With Jesus, It Is Written’s ministry for children.

Sean Aqui

Recent Southwestern Adventist University Graduate Matched to Ivy League Residency Program

When 2017 graduate Sean Aqui started his freshman year at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas, he did not anticipate that a business degree would lead him to medical school. He planned to become a physician, like his parents, and began as a biology major. Yet, Aqui soon realized that his interests were not limited to anatomy and physiology.

COVID-19 vaccine symposium May 15 behind the scenes

Symposium Broadcast on COVID-19 Vaccine, the Bible, Science, and Faith Draws Large Number of Viewers

“Welcome to our special dialogue today,” said Carlton P. Byrd, Breath of Life TV Ministries speaker/director, at the beginning the North American Division’s COVID-19 vaccine symposium broadcast on May 15, 2021. “Our goal during our time together is to help find answers to some of the questions that have arisen about the COVID vaccine, and help you make an informed decision on [whether] the vaccine is right for you and your loved ones."

NAD Youth and Young Adult Ministries Logo

NAD Youth Ministries Launches Collaborative Mental Health Awareness Effort

Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the North American Division recently released a comprehensive, digital resource to educate youth on mental health, and offer encouragement and community for those seeking help. OneTeam Mental Health is a website with material on depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and wellness.

G Alexander Bryant

Adventist Worldwide Church Leaders Thank Members for Their Faithfulness, Remind Them to Support Mission

In a video message, Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders from the General Conference and the North American Division thank members for their faithful support of tithe. They also remind members of the importance of helping to support the Mission Offering, which helps to fund mission work around the world.

G Alexander Bryant May 2021 greeting

A Message from the NAD President During Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage month; we celebrate the rich contributions of our Asian/Pacific Islander brothers and sisters to the North American Division and beyond through a video message of solidarity and support from the NAD president G. Alexander Bryant.

Armenian congregation becomes a company in California

The First Armenian Congregation in NAD Officially Recognized as a Company

This February, the Armenian congregation in Glendale, California, made history as the first Armenian-speaking Adventist congregation officially organized in the Western hemisphere. Los Angeles is home to the densest population of Armenians in the United States, with more than 40 percent of the 200,000-plus people in Glendale claiming Armenian ancestry.

Christine Weis SWAU alumna

The "Richest Woman in Keene"

The students call her Miss Chrissie, Mama Weis, Rental Mom, Queen Christine, Lady Weis, or, most often, simply “Mom.” But without question, they all agree: Christine Weis is pure gold. In addition to feeding students, giving them advice, and being a "second parent," Weis started an endowed scholarship fund in honor of her friend, Wes Stoops (‘89), who was killed in a car accident. The scholarship rewards one SWAU student each year who demonstrates a desire to learn, contributes positively to the learning environment of the campus, and who is in need of financial assistance to stay in school.