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Mansfield Edwards and Eden M. cutting the ribbon, as Really Living youth pastor Benton Lowe; lead pastor, Francis Douville; SDACC president, Mark Johnson; and guest speaker, Dan Linrud look on.

Ontario Conference Opens First Center of Influence

The Really Living Centre kick-started its grand opening this past September with hundreds of members and visitors from across North America in attendance. The 25,000 square-foot facility is Ontario Conference’s first center of influence, serving as both a worship space for Really Living Seventh-day Adventist Church and a community center open several days a week.

stock photo of older man in hospital waiting area

Reaching Rich

As Rich was sitting in the hospital, he saw a small GLOW tract called "What Makes Canada Great." As Rich read the tract, he thought about his great need. He broke down and wept. All his money, power, and reputation could not save his grandson. Although Rich was not a believer before this, he made a life-changing decision to turn to God that very day. Whether his grandson lived or died, Rich knew that he needed Jesus.

fruit and veggie box

Lower Meat Consumption a Key to Fighting Global Warming, Loma Linda University Study Says

According to research conducted at Loma Linda University Health, a global transition to a vegetarian diet would have significant impacts in the battle against global warming and other environmental concerns.

Xander Culver (left) and Grant Hartman enjoy frequent climbing expeditions together like this one at Red Rock, Nevada. PC: Will Howard

Mountain Adventure

From his rest spot on the Hogsback, Culver was gearing up for the more difficult and technical part of the climb ahead while he waited for Hartman. He’d been there about five minutes when a swift movement on the mountain caught his attention. Someone was sliding out of the couloir in the distance to the right at roughly 30 to 40 miles per hour. A climber from a group ahead had fallen from the Pearly Gates and was plummeting down the side of the mountain.

blanket stock photo

ADRA and ACS Partner as Puerto Rico Starts to Recover After Massive Earthquakes Rock the Island

After Puerto Rico was rocked by massive earthquakes in January, ADRA volunteers and local church leaders sprung into action, providing meals around the clock to feed hundreds of people, and installing tents for those who lost their homes. ACS Disaster Response has partnered with the relief agency to supply blankets to those displaced from homes and living in tents.

Southern Adventist University student helps woman

Hope for the Homeless: What We Can Do

In today’s hustle and bustle, it is easy to take for granted the things that are most common to us: our cars, our houses, our jobs. But, imagine being laid off unexpectedly, and the rainy day fund rapidly drying up. For those who are not fortunate to get assistance, the result could inevitably mean a radical life change — homelessness.

pueblo church feeding story

Each Month, Pueblo Angels of Kindness Ministry Feeds the Homeless

Pueblo First Seventh-day Adventist’s Angels of Kindness program is serving a need for the less fortunate in Pueblo, Colorado. On the second Sabbath of every month, a group of volunteers prepare a warm, fresh meal for those in need in the Pueblo area.

Elgin Church dental clinic

When a Church Re-Plants Itself, Love for "the Least of These" Blooms 

When Elgin, Illinois, church pastor Gabriel Bardan joined a clergy meeting and introduced himself as the pastor of the Elgin Seventh-day Adventist Church, the chairman, a mainline Protestant pastor looked at him and asked, "Where have you been so far?" Bardan acknowledges, "Indeed, we had been disconnected from the community for a long time. Now, our goal is to become a community hub!"

Three presidential scholars enrolled at La Sierra University

For Three Presidential Scholars, Future Plans Pivot on Service

Despite hectic schedules, three high school students in Redlands and Loma Linda decided that helping disadvantaged individuals was worth putting in longer days. Their decision and subsequent experiences serving others solidified their career interests in medicine and were also among the reasons the students were awarded the largest scholarship given by La Sierra University.

Charles Stoddard, a banker, philanthropist and founder of Grand Angels, spoke on the topic of service at the Celebration of Community Engagement, photo credit Julia Viniczay

First Annual Celebration of Community Engagement Held at Andrews University

Andrews University continues to expand efforts to be a blessing to those beyond its campus. The first annual Celebration of Community Engagement took place this past fall in the university’s Buller Hall. The program included a "poster session," musical selections, and video presentations that highlighted more than a dozen university departments and clubs involved in community engagement projects led by professors and students.