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Paradise mission trip Walla Walla

A Ministry of Presence

During spring break 2019, a group of students, faculty, staff, and alumni from Walla Walla University, Pacific Union College, Milo Adventist Academy, and Gracepoint Adventist Church traveled to Paradise, California, to bring relief to whatever needs were most pressing.

2019 Earth Day Summit in Canada

Ontario Conference’s Inaugural Earth Day Summit Inspires Thousands Acknowledge God as Creator and Care for His Planet

During the inaugural 2019 Earth Day Summit, held on April 21 in Mississuaga, Ontario, Canada, thousands of guests, many who are not Adventist, interacted with nearly 50 colorful booths on topics as varied as the incredible immune system, the marvel of the brain, the intelligently designed smile, pollution on campus, the creative complexity of the human body, the theology of recycling, gardening and more.

Uganda ADRA school

ADRA Canada Reports How "ADRA School" in Uganda Helps Refugee Students

Conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo is causing thousands of people to flee to safety across the border into the country of Uganda. ADRA has been engaged in helping the refugees as they make new lives for themselves. One 15-year-old girl shares the story of how she came to Uganda and now attends the "ADRA school."

A team shouts after hearing their placement during the PBE awards ceremony.

2019 Pathfinder Bible Experience Turnout and Support Stuns Youth Leaders

The 2019 Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) Division Finals on April 26-27 drew a record-breaking 210 teams to Rockford, Illinois, located nearly 100 miles northwest of Chicago. This was the first time in PBE’s history that more than 200 teams participated in the division level testing.

Remains of a Byzantine church; and in the far background, an arch from the Mamluk Dynasty

Lawrence T. Geraty Endowment Aims to Support Community Archaeology in Jordan

Archaeology is integral to understanding past cultures and informing present society, but excavations attract thieves and the work itself leaves behind its own scarred history. The new Lawrence T. Geraty Community Archaeology Endowment aims to help change things.

NAD produce giveaway

Our Plans Versus God’s Plans

Several colleagues and I dutifully prepped, planned, and organized the produce giveaway event for the community, then everything fell apart. That’s exactly when God showed up, stepped in, and revealed how His plans are always so much better than our plans.

RMC employees with pinwheels

Rocky Mountain Conference Employees Join Child Abuse Prevention Day at the Capitol; Plant Windmill Garden

More than 150 CO4Kids campaign partners, those working to insure that “Colorado is for kids,” met April 2, 2019, at the state capitol in Denver to help launch Child Abuse Prevention Month. Noemi Borjon and Jackie Dunkin, Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC) employees, represented the conference at the event.

The Oaks School rebuilt classroom after Hurricane Harvey

The Oaks Adventist Christian School Rebuilds, Counts Blessings After Hurricane Harvey

More than a year after record-setting Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the damage done to Texas still seems harrowingly fresh. This is no surprise, considering that 50 inches of rain flooded homes, schools, businesses, and more. Many people are still struggling to recover from the category four hurricane, however, the Oaks Adventist Christian School (the Oaks) in Cypress, Texas, is able to count many blessings that resulted from the tragedy.

Women in STEM conference at Spencerville Adventist Academy

Adventist Education Pilots a Women in STEM Conference Initiative

The North American Division piloted a Women in STEM conference initiative in partnership with Ophelia Barizo, Ph.D., the STEM coordinator at the Chesapeake Conference, on April 19, 2019, at Spencerville Adventist Academy in Silver Spring, Maryland. Middle and high school students were invited to participate in the conference that included a panel of women from government agencies and the private sector who are leaders in the field of STEM.

Valeria Vargas-Olmedo, 11, from Crestline, received her stem cell donation from her father.

Sickle Cell Patient Cured Through LLU Children's Hospital's First Stem Cell Transplant

Doctors at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital recently conducted the institution’s first stem cell transplant in a sickle cell disease patient, effectively curing her of the inherited blood disease. The successful procedure offers hope and accessible treatment to those suffering from the disease in the Inland Empire and surrounding regions.