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El Centinela Debuts Evangelistic Bible Guides for Spanish Speakers

Book cover for Sígueme, un llamado a vivir en Jesús. Jesus walking on the sand in sandals and a white robe, showing only his bottom half.

Sígueme, un llamado a vivir en Jesús (Follow Me — a call to live in Jesus) is the latest Spanish resource from Pacific Press and El Centinela — and the first set of evangelistic Bible guides from Centinela. It is designed to guide readers to make a conscious decision for Jesus and commit to following Him.

The 12 carefully crafted lessons in this resource invite participants to delve into the magnificence of God, the centrality of Jesus and His teachings, the importance of prayer, the essence of salvation, the meaning of baptism, and living in God's saving grace. It aims to provide an overall understanding of biblical truths and encourage and foster a personal commitment to making these truths a part of daily life.

A unique feature of Sígueme is the inclusion of a QR code that provides the reader access to exclusive commentaries on each lesson by such well-known pastors as Arnaldo Cruz and Roger Hernández.

There are many ways to use these lessons as you work to fulfill the gospel commission:

  • In small groups,
  • Individual study,
  • With Bible study interests,
  • In conjunction with public evangelism,
  • In preparation for evangelistic meetings, and
  • In pre-baptismal classes

This latest Spanish resource from Pacific Press continues its commitment to sharing materials and spiritual nurture.

Available at your Adventist Book Center: 1-800-765-6955; and online at