G. Alexander Bryant

Executive Secretary

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Deloris Bailey


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Kyoshin Ahn


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Carolyn Forrest

Carolyn R. Forrest

Associate Secretary-Director of Human Relations, Interdivision/International Service Employee Resources, & Archives and Statistics

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Our mission

To help Adventist leaders within North America reach throughout the territories of the Division in fulfilling the vision and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist® Church effectively, with integrity and in adherence to the organization’s strategic business objectives, standards, and Christian principles.

How we serve

The Office of NAD Secretariat oversees and provides services in the following six key areas to support its mission:

  • Church Policies
    • Develop, implement, and interpret church policies
    • Advise and inform division leaders on policy questions/issues as appropriate, to advance the cohesive and orderly operations of our ministry efforts
  • Missions
    • Oversee the Office of Volunteer Ministries, which brings together unions, conferences, schools, churches, and other supportive organizations whose goal is to reach communities through volunteer ministries, community outreach projects, literacy, evangelism, Bible work, and other outreach activities
  • Human Relations
    • Address personnel and member relationship issues, including but not limited to human relations policies and procedures, sexual ethics, diversity relations, conciliation, and dispute resolution
  • Administrative Operations
    • Record, coordinate, and archive minutes for various NAD committees, the NAD Year-end and other designated meetings
    • Issue and maintain records of employee credentials and licenses
    • Compile and manage membership data for statistical reports
    • Facilitate human resources for the NAD
    • Process and oversee the authorization of interdivision travel; process transfers, interdivision calls, independent transfers and division status; coordinate annual leave for missionaries (IDEs), compile data for the SDA Yearbook, maintain the NAD calendar, process denominational status applications, process service requests for denominational workers
  • Special Projects/Initiatives
    • Secretariat also handles special projects/assignments as directed by the NAD President


Contact Us

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North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
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