Adventist Retirement


Edwin Romero

Edwin Romero

North American Division Retirement Plans Administrator, North American Division Associate Treasurer


| (443) 391 7305

Wirmin Alcantara

Associate Administrator/DC Plan

| (443) 391 7309
Andrew Choi Profile

Andrew Choi

Associate Administrator/CFO

| (443) 391 7308
Lisa Turpen

Lisa Turpen

Associate Administrator/Healthcare Plans/Defined Benefit Plans

| (443) 391 7307

Our mission

To provide opportunities for participants to secure retirement benefits by tracking employment, providing planning opportunities, encouraging savings, processing and granting benefits, and speaking on behalf of retirees

How we serve

  • Provide monthly benefits for retired employees

  • Provide workshops and seminars for employees facing retirement

  • Provide enrollment services for new retirees

  • Provide retirement planning through a third-party administrator

  • Manage plan investments

  • Maintain policies for multiple plans

  • Project plan finances into the future

  • Report to NAD the policy and financial issues faced 



  • Healthcare assistance workshops for retirees

  • Pre-retirement seminars for employees approaching retirement

  • Retirement planning presentations for employee staff meetings

  • Training for employer HR personnel

NAD Retirement Plans

  • For employees of Adventist Hospitals prior to 1992.
  • For employees of U.S. Church entities including conferences, unions, colleges, academies, ministries etc.

Adventist Healthcare Retirement Plan

  • For employees of most Adventist Hospitals after 1991 

Regional Conference Retirement Plan

  • For employees of the nine Regional Conferences.

Retirement Plan for Canadian Employees

  • For employees of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada

Retirement Plan for Bermuda Employees

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