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Judy R. Glass


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Chad Grundy


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Sharon Mabena

Sharon Mabena

Associate Treasurer

| (443) 391 7208
Edwin Romero

Edwin Romero

North American Division Retirement Plans Administrator, North American Division Associate Treasurer


| (443) 391 7305

How we serve

  • Provide administrative and financial leadership to the North American Division
  • Serve as a trustee and a steward of the funds it receives
  • Provide the necessary policy and administrative coordination of the unions, conferences, and institutions through a senior financial consultative group composed of union treasurers and other chief financial officers
  • Administer changes to the Working Policy
  • Develop and monitor the operating budget for the North American Division, which includes the NAD departments and services, as well as NAD programs, reversions and allocations
  • Serve as liaison with the General Conference and other world divisions



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