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Lives Changed Through Listening

The radio programming and wide array of resources from LifeTalk Radio is helping make a difference in the lives of others.

Have you ever had a life-changing experience? One that changed or confirmed your life direction?

Back when I was operating a college radio station, a caller said he appreciated the music and message on the radio station one particular evening. He went on to describe how he had been contemplating suicide, even coming to the point of deciding to end his life—that evening. But just before doing so, something grabbed his attention. As he listened to the radio, the power of the music and the message spoke to his heart and altered his decision. He called the radio station to tell me about it.

That was a life-changing experience for me.

I grew up the son of a pastor and considered the vital role ministry plays in the lives of others. I wanted to dedicate my life to help others. But I had not considered that sitting alone in a radio station was much of a ministry, until the phone call from a listener that pivotal evening. Suddenly I realized that ministry is not just a matter of standing in a pulpit. There are other ways to be a positive influence in the lives of others. Bible-based messages on the radio can have a powerful spiritual effect. So can music and other programs that meet specific, felt needs.

Working my way through college at the radio station led me to my life calling. My career and my ministry has been in Adventist radio. Today I’m the director of LifeTalk Radio, which celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2022. For 30 years this radio network has been a positive influence in thousands of lives. Hearts have been transformed and lives have changed because of the LifeTalk Radio network. And in conjunction with some churches, baptisms have been the result where radio was the opening wedge.

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Media Is a Powerful Tool

The North American Division recently launched a new strategic initiative called Together in Mission. One of the three main areas of focus is media. Media includes television and radio along with other methods of communication. LifeTalk Radio is the only radio network owned and operated by this division. It can be heard on our free LifeTalk Radio app, Amazon-Echo, Google Home, Roku, on satellite, on the Internet, and more than 200 local affiliate radio stations.

Media is a powerful tool for sharing the gospel. Much of the media in our world today is not positive. Many programs in the world of media promote evil or questionable content and self-serving agendas. But media can also be used to encourage, uplift, and connect people with Christ. LifeTalk Radio, through its programming and wide array of resources, exists to connect people with Christ.

For more than a year our world has been plagued by a pandemic that has caused a major paradigm shift in many lives and organizations. However, radio programming is abundant and available on more devices than ever before. During the pandemic people were still connected to LifeTalk Radio, and for many, it was a lifeline, connecting them with Christ.

Making a Difference for Eternity

The following are just a few of the recent experiences shared with LifeTalk where the ministry has helped make a difference.

LTR affiliate station manager, Sharon Erickson, shared: “We had a family of three baptized in our church. They heard a presentation on LifeTalk Radio.”

Michael accidentally found LifeTalk Radio while looking for another radio station. He said, “I’ve been listening to LifeTalk Radio and you changed my life! LifeTalk has such hopeful programs. I’ve been an alcoholic for most of my life and lost my eyesight years ago, so life has been very hard. LifeTalk Radio reminded me that there’s a God who cares about me. I really want to be right with God again.”

Tim in Washington shared, “LifeTalk Radio is a lifeline to both my wife and me. It keeps the Spirit of God in our home. Since my wife is bedridden, this radio station is our church. We love to listen to the Seventh-day Advent[ist] pastor on Saturday mornings — he is awesome! My wife and I are doing Bible studies we got from LifeTalk Radio. The soothing music and programs help us to deal with our pain. Also, my grandson loves to listen to the children’s programs. Your work is helping our whole family. We really appreciate you!”

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Positive Influence in the Community

Many of our affiliate stations are owned and operated by local churches who use the programming from LifeTalk to broadcast to their local community.

Many individuals use LifeTalk Radio as a witnessing tool. They also use LifeTalk resources to connect people with Christ. This includes LifeTalk’s free sharing cards, available at as printed cards and digital eCards, that provide a Bible text or positive message—letting others know God loves them.

Wherever you are you can be involved in ministry. Decide today to make a difference in the lives of others. Be a positive influence in your community. Your efforts may create a life-changing experience for someone else and even impact their eternal destiny.

— John Geli is director/manager of LifeTalk Radio.