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Shane Hochstetler

Associate Director

Georgia Damsteegt

Georgia Damsteegt

Graphic/Web Design Specialist

| (443) 391 7152
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Sheldon Kennedy

Professional Services Specialist/Creative Project Manager

How We Serve

We aim to provide the highest quality design and creative project management. When it comes to marketing the ministries of the NAD through digital and print mediums, we are the one-stop-shop. 

NAD departments can utilize us for creative projects that range from logo and identity development to email and social marketing campaign construction and even physical tradeshow displays, roll-up banners, brochures, flyers, mailers, and more.

The Process

After submitting a request, a creative project manager will be assigned to the project and review the submission. They may reach out to the requestor to establish a virtual or in-person meetup (whichever they prefer) to clarify the request further and propose possible solutions. Project managers will also help ensure any printed projects will be produced at the best possible price, at the highest quality, and on time.

Once the goals for the project are firmly established, a specialist will be assigned to the project to produce it. This may be a digital or physical application design or creating a social media campaign.

Once the first draft is complete, the project manager and Professional Services management will review the draft for quality and adherence to respective identity guidelines.

Upon approval, the project manager will send the draft for review and revision if necessary.

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