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Ruthie Jacobsen

Our mission
To spiritually strengthen and support every ministry, pastor, and administrator at every level of the church by fusing the three fundamental elements of mission—prayer, Bible study, and ministry
How we serve
  • Provide prayer training for small groups to support evangelism, pastoral ministry and education
  • Host Teen Prayer Conferences in Seventh-day Adventist® colleges and universities
  • Link with Women’s Ministries and others to provide support and resources
  • Provide resources to train prayer leaders in local churches
  • Conduct training events for pastors, churches, and conference prayer coordinators
  • Partner with US National Prayer Day Committee
  • Cooperate with Denominational Prayer Leaders Network
Resources Seminars/workshops
  • Righteousness By Faith rallies
  • Teen Prayer Conferences
  • NAD Day of Prayer
  • Teach Us to Pray
  • NAD Day of Prayer
  • NAD Prayer Conference
Contact Information
T: 706.896.0074
F: 410.531.0561


North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600 USA
Telephone: 301-680-6400
Fax: 301-680-6464
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