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Prayer Ministries Resources, Bulletin Inserts And Suggestions


Prayer Ministry Resources in ENGLISH, SPANISH, AND FRENCH
Recommended Books and Readings

Resources in English

NAD Prayer Calendar (PDF)

13 Sermons on Prayer, by Pavel Goia

Possibilities for Prayer Ministries (PDF File)

Three Ways to Involve the Entire Church in Prayer, Bible Study &  Ministry (PDF File)

Week of Prayer Readings, by Will Eva (PDF File) -- A Five-day Reading Plan, "The Basics Always Matter,"as written by Pastor Will Eva for the Spencerville, Maryland Seventh-day Adventist Church, January 9-13, 2006

Sermon by Ron Halvorsen: (PDF File) "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever --- Christ, the Mighty Prayer Warrior" 

AdventSource Prayer Ministries Resources 

Resources in Spanish

Oportunidades para el Ministerio de Oración en Su Iglesia Local (PDF File)

3 Formas de Incluir a Toda la Iglesia en Oración, Estudio Bíblico y Ministerio (PDF File)

Resources in French

Une Réponse Courte et Simple (PDF File)

Encarts du Bulletin (PDF File)

Recommended Books and Readings:
These books can be purchased through Adventist Book Centers (800-765-6955 or and other Christian bookstores and libraries:

"The Privilege of Prayer" in Steps to Christ, by Ellen G White (Pacific Press Publishing Association)

God Has Promised, by Ellen G. White (Pacific Press Publishing Association)

Living the Life of Enoch, by Ellen G. White (Teach Services, Inc, Brushton, NY)

Communion with God, by Ellen G. White (Ministerial Association of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists)

Prayer, by Ellen G. White (Pacific Press Publishing Association)

Praying for Others, by Ellen G. White (Pacific Press Publishing Association)

30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life, Joe Engelkeimier (Pacific Press Publishing Association)

Find Out About Prayer, Charles E. Bradford (Hart Research Center)

The Kneeling Christian, by an Unknown Christian (Zondervan)

When You Need Incredible Answers to Prayer, Roger Morneau (Review and Herald Publishing Association)

Books on prayer by Andrew Murray and E. M. Bounds

Informed Intercession, by George Otis, Jr., (Renew)

When Heaven Pauses, by Kurt Johnson, (Pacific Press Publishing Association)

The Promise of God's Power, by Jim Cymbala - (Zondervan)

The following resources are temporarily unavailable:


In English

En Español

En Français

Available CD

CD Disponible

CD à Votre Disposition

Prayer Walking Pamphlet 1 of 3

Folleto Caminata de Oración 1 de 3

Insecte Promenade en Prière 1 de 3

Prayer Walking 2 of 3

Folleto Caminata de Oración 2 de 3

Insecte Promenade en Prière 2 de 3

Prayer Walking 3 of 3

Folleto Caminata de Oración 3 de 3

Insecte Promenade en Prière3 de 3

Call to Holiness

Carta Un Llamado a la Santidad

Lettre Un Appel à la Sainteté


Instrucciones para Usar los Materiales


Today is a Great Day

Hoy es un Gran Día

Aujourd'hui est un Jour Unique

That Morning

Esa Mañana

Ce Matin

Short and Simple

Una Respuesta Corta y Simple

Une Réponse Courte et Simple




10 Days to Just Listen

10 Días para Solamente Escuchar a Dios

10 Jours Consacrés Uniquement à Écouter la Voix de Dieux

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Becoming a Prayer Mobilizer

Convirtiéndose en un Movilazador de la Oración oración en general


Prayer for our Nation

Ore por Nuestra Nación sobre la Ciudad de Nueva York



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