Calendar of Special Days

Women's Day of Prayer 2019
March 2, 2019

Women's Day of Prayer

“Walking with Jesus," Sabbath March 2, 2019*

written by Cordell Liebrandt, a pastor in the Cape Conference of South Africa.

Safety Sabbath
March 23, 2019

ARM Safety Sabbath

One Sabbath. One drill. A safer church.

All churches throughout North America are encouraged to hold an annual safety drill during Safety Sabbath®. The official date of the next Safety Sabbath® is March 23, 2019. Sign up here to get information for Safety Sabbath® 2019.

Adventist Education
April 27, 2019

Education Sabbath

Why invest in Adventist Education?
Study Finding: Students in Adventist schools had higher-than-expected academic achievement based on an assessment of individual ability.
Study Finding: In all grades, in schools of all sizes, students in Adventist schools outperformed the national average in all subjects.