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"We Can Still See the Hand of God Leading His People"

A holiday message from the NAD president and first lady as 2021 draws to a close.



G. Alexander Bryant: “Here we are again, the end of another year, 2021. And as we look back on this year, we can see that there have been challenges, there have been COVID restrictions, there have been vaccination mandates — there have been all these challenges that we've had before us. But yet, we can still see the hand of God leading His people and leading in His church. And He has brought us through yet another year of turmoil and challenges, but He has brought us through.

Desiree Bryant: “During this Christmas season, take time to relax and enjoy your family and friends. But also remember that there's a lot of lonely people. Take time to reach out to them and to those who are in need.”

G. Alexander Bryant: “On behalf of my wife and myself, [and] the North American Division office, we extend our warmest season's greetings to the entire North American Division family. We know that God has blessed, and we know God will be with us — and doing this yuletide season let us pause and thank God. Let us pause and remember what God has done. And also as we look forward to the future — to a new year — because God has brought us through this year, we are excited about what God will do in the new year.

“Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings to all of you.”

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