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Vietnamese Artist Designs Unique Creation Sabbath Swag Art

Creation Sabbath 2021

Each year some amazing graphics are produced for Creation Sabbath. And some of these graphics are available on t-shirts, mugs, and totes for anyone who wants to show their Creation Sabbath colors! Check out the amazing graphic representing Creation Sabbath 2021 by clicking on the “Shop” tag at

This year’s graphic was designed by a brilliant Vietnamese artist named Xuan Le. Inspired by some of her favorite animals, Xuan created a dazzling burst of colory. The graphic is representative of the entire creation week, with the Creation Sabbath “C” logo serving as a reminder of the daily cycle. Each new day starts at sundown, which corresponds with the break in the circle that turns it into the letter C. From a distance, one first sees the different colors of light, representing the first day, but as one approaches, details begin to resolve, blue water, the orange sky at sunset, flying and swimming creatures, and finally mammals ranging from kangaroos to deer and giraffes.

Astute viewers will see that there are animals from every continent including Asian tigers, hummingbirds from the Americas, South American monkeys, even penguins found on Antarctica. In addition, endangered species are represented by a whale and white rhinoceros, drawing our attention to the responsibility that God gave humans to care for His creation and the urgent need to be more mindful of our impact on other creatures, particularly those we are in danger of destroying.

Some will notice an oxpecker bird on the back of the rhinoceros, an indicator of the interdependence of different species, and hopefully our minds will be drawn back to our own dependence on the grace of our Creator, who not only made us as an act of grace, but sustains us through His grace and, as the ultimate act of grace, has saved us.

“My hope is that Creation Sabbath can serve as a reminder of how wonderful the God we worship is and how beautiful even the sin scarred creation remains,” says Timothy Standish, Ph.D., senior scientist at the Geoscience Research Institute. “I’m so glad to be part of a church that emphasizes the reason God gives us to worship Him; because He created all things. I also hope that Creation Sabbath will be viewed as an opportunity to celebrate the creative talents with which our Maker blessed us. Xuan Le’s inspiring art should not only remind us of the creation, but challenge us to use the talents God has given each person to share the wonderful gospel we have been blessed with. Let’s use Creation Sabbath as an opportunity to share with our communities the beauty of God’s creation and the salvation He has won!”

Creation Sabbath falls on the fourth Sabbath of each October. This year that's October 23. This is a specially designated Sabbath in the Adventist Church’s Calendar of Special Days. Creation Sabbath is set aside for contemplation of God’s grace in creating the world for our habitation, recognizing our responsibility to care for what God made and seizing the opportunity learn from His works. It is a reminder that “the Sabbath was made for man” (Mark 2:27), a liberating time to remember that our lives are given and sustained by the Creator God whose very definition is love.


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And don’t forget to visit the Creation Sabbath Shop, the proceeds of which help to support Creation Sabbath while the products provide a simple, fashionable, and fun way to share the creation. Remember, there is still time for your church and community to celebrate Creation Sabbath 2021 on October 23!