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Student-Produced Film Helps Promote “Creation Sabbath”

“The Stop” illustrates the rest God provides through the Sabbath

The Stop, a clever and compelling three-minute film about the Sabbath and creation was made available October 3 by the Geoscience Research Institute (GRI) in preparation of “Creation Sabbath,” on October 27. The annual celebration of the Seventh-day Adventist Church provides a designated time for church and community members to reflect on God’s creation.

“The vision for Creation Sabbath is not that there will be a single event that everyone focuses on, but that the celebration will be global with each church, school and other institution—in fact, each church member—taking the opportunity to create a celebration focused on their own community,” said Timothy G. Standish, senior scientist of GRI.

The Stop was created by Aias Cabaça, an Angolan-native who is currently a graduate student at the Adventist International Institute for Advanced Studies (AIIAS) in the Philippines, where Standish recently taught a class on faith and science. As an assignment, Standish required his students to produce a resource for sharing the Gospel with others.

“I’ve read many student-authored papers and it has always bothered me that no matter how excellent, most papers were simply an effort to get through my [class]. Once I turned in the grade, that was the end, nothing more would come of all that work and brilliance.”

It was this frustration that led Standish to require something more practical than a paper, an actual product that could be used to share the everlasting gospel of Revelation 14:6,7—the promise of the Creator’s righteous judgment—an end to all pain, suffering, and the other evils of our sin-marred world.

Like several other students in the faith and science course, Cabaça decided to produce a short film to share on YouTube and via social media. The Stop explains the call to worship the Creator, who offers us rest in a world of otherwise uninterrupted toil.

“I’d like to see every church website embed this video on their homepage, from local churches all the way up to the conferences, unions, and General Conference” says Standish. “Let’s harness the power of our vast presence on the internet to make the everlasting gospel front and center. That is why we have 'Creation Sabbath.'”

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