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Messages of Hope Shared during COVID-19

We can still share literature with others while practicing social distances measures.

Response from a neighbor of one of the mailings that Adventist church members prepared and sent.

This screen shot shows the response from a neighbor of one of the Adventist church members who prepared and mailed a copy of The Desire of Ages.

Bill was at a gas station pumping gas when suddenly he felt a strong impression to give a GLOW tract to a well-dressed woman on the other side of the pump standing near her vehicle. He tried to brush aside the impression, but it remained, and with ever-increasing intensity, the impression persisted as the seconds wore on. After some hesitancy, Bill finally relented, went over, and handed her a few GLOW tracts. The woman inquired as to which church puts these pamphlets out. When she learned, a huge smile spread across her face. She had attended an Adventist church when she was a little girl! That next Sabbath she once again attended the local Adventist church, after quite a stretch of time away, and is now a baptized and active member of that local Adventist church.

We read that the work of printing and sharing literature has been ordained by God and that this ministry will change individual’s lives for eternity (see Ellen G. White's Christian Service, p. 148). And yet, how can we share the message of hope during these uncertain times? What can we do when we are all staying at home and personal contacts with others aren’t as available or encouraged while we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic?

Right before Easter this year a number of members began to mail their family members, friends, and coworkers sharing books such as The Desire of Ages and Story of Hope, along with personal note. One of the book recipients of the The Desire of Ages posted a picture of the book and the attached personal note on social media with the following comment: “The sweetest gift, sent from a loving neighbor. ... truly blessed.”  It is not that complicated to make a difference, even while stuck at home!

So how can we share literature right now?

  1. Read the literature: Rediscover the power and encouragement found in the pages of our Adventist books, tracts, or magazines for yourself.
  2. Pray: Ask God to guide you to the people that need to be encouraged and blessed by our literature at this time.
  3. Share literature by mail: Write a personal note and include it with the book or magazine that you will mail to them.
  4. Share literature digitally: Share the COVID-19 and other GLOW tracts via social media, text, or email.

I pray that God blesses you as you share the written word with others. May we all hear these words one day, “Thank you for sending me that book/for sharing that tract or magazine with me. I found Jesus because of you!”


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