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At Loma Linda University Health Drayson Center, 39th Annual Children’s Day Event Inspires Young Minds with Healthcare Education

Fun and educational activities aimed at helping kids feel more comfortable in hospital settings

loma linda university health children's day 2024

Photo by Loma Linda University Health

The 39th annual children’s day presented by Farmer Boys transformed Loma Linda University Health Drayson Center Superfield into a fun-filled learning experience. Hundreds of children aged 3 to 8 and their families participated in the event’s unique blend of interactive activities, animal encounters, and engaging performances on May 8, 2024.

One of the highlights was the Teddy Bear Clinic, where children engaged with clinic staff while their stuffed companions underwent "medical examinations," learning valuable insights into the significance of each aspect of the exam.

Throughout the day, children had the opportunity to learn about injury care during hands-on workshops such as finger casting and surgical sutures.

The Pets Aiding Wellness (PAWS) session provided a heartwarming experience as therapy animals offered comfort and companionship, highlighting the therapeutic benefits of animal-assisted interventions.

The Red Nose Docs brought smiles and laughter to attendees with their performances.

Dr. Bill Hayes’ Venomous Animals exhibit offered a fascinating encounter with some of nature's most intriguing creatures. and at the petting zoo, children interacted with animals, learning about responsible pet care and further enriching their understanding of health and wellness.

The Nutritional Services department passed out smoothies while educating children about the various health benefits of different fruits and vegetables.

The annual event aims to educate and empower children, helping them feel more comfortable in healthcare settings and fostering positive attitudes towards healthcare professionals.

Kids day at Loma Linda hospital

Photo by Loma Linda University Health