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Loma Linda University Church Praxis Ministry Host to Young Adult LIFE Tour Stop in Southern California

03 Jon Filip Aren.jpg – [L to R] Dr. Jonathan Park, SECC President; Dr. Filip Milosavljevic, LLUC Young Adult Pastor; and Pastor Aren Rennacker, SECC Youth and Young Adult Director, enjoy the Voices of the Young Friday service as part of the NAD’s Young Adult LIFE Tour.

Left to right: Jonathan Park, SECC president; Filip Milosavljevic, LLUC young adult pastor; and Pastor Aren Rennacker, SECC Youth and Young Adult director, enjoy the Voices of the Young Friday service as part of the NAD’s Young Adult LIFE Tour.

The North American Division (NAD) wants to celebrate the incredible impact Adventist young adults are making across the division, and the communities and churches that are flourishing because of their involvement. The division continues to prioritize young adults as evidenced by the Young Adult LIFE Tour that made its way to Loma Linda, California, this past month. The tour showcased Praxis, the young adult ministry of the Loma Linda University Church (LLUC), during the weekend of June 23-24, 2023.

“It was energizing and inspiring,” affirmed Tracy Wood, NAD Youth and Young Adult Ministries director. “Young adults shared their personal testimonies of pain and purpose, and why they are involved in church.”

Friday evening featured the young adult voices of Kelsey Rochelle, Kelly Lin Dickinson, and Derek Glatts, with Pastor Aren Rennacker, Southeastern California Conference (SECC) Youth and Young Adult Ministries director, offering a culminating homily.

“This was an incredible evening that showed the impact of what happens when we prioritize young adult ministry in the Adventist Church,” affirmed Rennacker. “The vulnerability that came forward through the messages . . . created an atmosphere of honesty that young adults have been craving.”

The evening continued with a rooftop “afterglow” on the LLUC campus. The next morning the tour featured an array of worship services, a young adult panel, and an afternoon beach excursion to close the Sabbath.

“I was moved by the worship experience. . . . It was very interactive sharing powerful convictions on Adventism,” lauded Jonathan Park, SECC president. “I was deeply convinced that young adults in our churches are willing to invest their lives in relevant Adventism.”

For many young adults living in Southern California, such as Phoebe Mehany, “Praxis ministry represents home.”

“The love this community consistently portrays cultivated the leader that I am now,” continued Mehany, who serves as Praxis’ prayer leader. “The whole environment is what I call ‘good soil’ for growth in grace and truth.”

Young Adult LIFE tour stops at the Loma Linda University Church, attendees enjoy afterglow

Young adults at Praxis gather for afterglow following each Friday evening service to hangout, eat together and connect. Photo: @PraxisMinistry

The Young Adult LIFE Tour offered many of the gatherings live online. The online Sabbath School program showcased Praxis young adults Kelly Lin Dickinson, Laia Amaya, and Karl Lindsay addressing the experience of growing up in today’s modern world and how faith impacts this. These young adults discussed the latest research on young adulthood in Adventism and the passage in 1 Timothy 4:12-16, about elevating how young people should be viewed and the enormous responsibility of young people. 

Multiple services were broadcast Sabbath morning, giving emphasis to emerging adulthood. The tour sermons featured LLUC young adult Pastor Filip Milosavljevic, who just completed his doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary on “Growing Young Adventists,” focusing on thriving with Adventist young adults.

“Pastor Filip presented the latest research-based evidence of the complexities of the lives of young adults, and what a vibrant intergenerational Adventist church can do to support and empower them,” said Wood. “I highly recommend that the recordings of the tour be reviewed for an ongoing conversation of Young Adult LIFE and local church ministry, to bring understanding and hope for all.” []

“Young adults are not youth, and ministry to them must take a different approach if Adventism is to stem the tide of loss,” admonished Milosavljevic. “We must do ministry differently if we are to engage and empower this generation of young adults.”

Milosavljevic pointed to research that up to 70 percent of young adults will disengage from their Adventist community, though they may still believe in God and retain much of what they believed as children. He encouraged the Adventist church to seek out new ways to support young adults who are on a different timeline, reaching marriage, education, parenting, and careers almost 10 years later than generations past.

“The church needs to prioritize this age group so that all generations can flourish,” advised Milosavljevic.

The Young Adult LIFE Tour highlighted just that: The vital role of young adults in the whole church – all generations – praying, worshiping, growing together. The tour host, LLUC and Praxis Ministry, exhibit the value of good soil that helps all generations grow. 

“[During this tour stop] the Holy Spirit was and is present with us as we prayed for each other and as we opened up topics in an authentic way for the purpose of true healing,” said Mehany. “The deep connections we build at Praxis and the love of Jesus we portray to the surrounding community is the fruit of that good soil.” 

On demand video access to the Praxis Tour stop is at and follow @PraxisMinistry on Instagram to discover more.

About the Young Adult LIFE Tour

The Young Adult LIFE Tour intends to bring insights and relevant, doable steps toward building young adult ministry now. The tour affords an introduction to Young Adult LIFE, the NAD’s young adult discipleship framework giving focus to: Leadership Impact, Intergenerational Relationships, Faith Development, and Everyday Compassion.

Future Young Adult LIFE Tour stops include Southern Union Conference, October 20-21 at Spring Meadows Church, Florida, as well as weekends in Mid-America Union Conference, North Pacific Union Conference, and the Adventist Church in Canada in 2024. Go to for the latest tour information.