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Kids’ Sabbath School Magazines Still Available Free; Special Guide Issues Coming

Primary Treasure, My Little Friend, Guide magazines

Nearly 40 percent of adults who end up leaving the Christian church had their first doubts in middle school. That’s why Guide, Primary Treasure, and Our Little Friend magazines are so important for Adventist kids. These weekly publications are filled with inspiring content that helps young hearts and minds develop deep connections with Jesus and with the Church body while they’re open and receptive.

Since early spring when most churches closed because of coronavirus, all three of these magazines’ weekly issues have been available online for digital download—free. That benefit will be available until most churches resume regularly worshipping in their buildings where kids can pick up the magazines in Sabbath school.

In addition to the free downloads, Guide is mailing two special print issues to conference children’s ministries leaders and to local church children’s Sabbath school leaders in churches that don’t already subscribe to Guide. These two issues, to be distributed Sept. 5 and 12, cover two distinct Adventist fundamental beliefs.

“Discovering the Sanctuary: The Original Escape Room” takes kids on a puzzle through the entire magazine to help them discover the symbolism of the sanctuary. As they read stories relating to the symbolism, they may begin to understand the plan of salvation on a personal level. Those who complete the puzzle will be able to unlock a secret code to watch a virtual tour of the tabernacle sanctuary at this same website.

Whether your tweens are eager for Christ to return or are maybe wanting Him to wait a bit, they’ll find something in the “Second Coming” issue that speaks to them where they are. This issue, to be distributed Sept. 12, also includes the answer key for the Discovering the Sanctuary puzzle.

Guide plans to develop two special issues featuring fundamental beliefs each year. In 2021, a bi-monthly column by former editor Randy Fishell will introduce and reinforce key beliefs. Finally, the Guide editorial team is about to release a new book, What We Believe for Guide Readers, which introduces kids to Adventist beliefs through true stories and fun studies.

Download the free issues of Guide at and both Primary Treasure and Our Little Friend at, or subscribe to the print magazines at

Flyer promoting Guide's book entitled "Death's Doom"

—Alicia Adams is the director of marketing for Pacific Press Publishing Association.