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Changing Lives

You could experience the joy of sharing your talents with our precious students.

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David was a top-notch accountant. He had been working in the industry for 30 years. His children were through college, and he decided it was time to give back and do something in his life to make a difference in a tangible way. A change from crunching numbers to changing lives.

He had always been good with kids and loved working with people. He wanted to make a difference and embrace that light bulb moment when someone “gets” a concept.

A few years ago David went with his heart and sold his accounting business. He went back to university to become a teacher. David was part of a group of career changers who already had a four-year degree and wanted to become teachers.

In his teaching cohort were nurses, lawyers, graphic artists, and even a policewoman with a degree in criminology. All had a passion for working with children and touching their lives with a love of learning.

They were my best students. They nailed their student teaching and were all hired before they finished their post-graduate education degrees.

Fast forward to 2022.

Schools are desperate for dedicated teachers. While there are many reasons for this, the indisputable fact is that if you are interested in becoming a teacher, Adventist Education has a pathway for you.

Our Adventist universities are able to work with our conferences to welcome people into a two-year online degree program that allows them to earn NAD certification.*

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When I taught kindergarten every day was thrilling and the children were so precious. Every year my class engaged in a reading enrichment and career development program called “Look Who Is Coming to Read.” I had state senators, GC administrators, the local fire chief, a police chief, a U.S. Congressman, and many others visit the class. They would bring a book to read and share with the children what they did in their chosen careers. Both the readers loved and the kids loved it.

My favorite reader was one of the federal court judges that came every year. He would kick off his shoes, and sit on the floor cross-legged in his expensive suit and silk tie.

His comment every year was, “This is the best event of the year for me. I come across really tough people every day in my job and being with these sweet, engaged children is something I look forward to — please keep inviting me.”

You could be that person that gets to kick off your shoes and make a difference in the life of a child every day. You could experience that same joy of sharing your talents with our precious students.

Our children need you, our schools need you and Jesus needs you to be His hands and feet to the most precious segment of our church — our children.

*Those with four-year college degrees interested in becoming teachers should email; or call 1-888-580-GRAD (4723).