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Adventist Church Connect (ACC) and Adventist School Connect (ASC) Continue to Empower Churches and Schools in Digital Ministry

Adventist Church Connect (ACC) and Adventist School Connect (ASC), the leading website content management and hosting provider for Seventh-day Adventist churches and schools in North America, have been instrumental in assisting entities across the United States, Canada, Bermuda, and the Guam-Micronesia Mission territory in utilizing the power of the Internet to connect with their communities of members and visitors. The ACC/ASC network, introduced in late 2005 by the North American Division (NAD), provides important resources and services to ensure every church and school in this network has a dynamic online presence. Today ACC and ASC, through the division’s AdventSource, provide a high level of service with regular software updates, template selections, instructional videos, technical support, and the addition of new features.

This spring, the North American Division Administrative Committee voted to continue to fund and support ACC/ASC. “Our division is committed to ACC and ASC,” said G. Alexander Bryant, NAD president. “We sponsor both ACC/ASC and AdventSource and support an ongoing commitment to utilizing media to its fullest.”

The primary objective of the ACC/ASC platforms is to reduce barriers to entry, “making it easier for churches and schools to set up, operate, and enhance their websites, at no or at low cost to the church or school. This focus ensures both the customer experience and the technician experience are positive and relatively seamless,” Bryant explained. 

“By leveraging the ACC/ASC network, churches and schools can effectively communicate their message, establish brand recognition, and consistently convey important localized information as well as our church’s core beliefs.”

ACC and ASC go beyond mere website development by providing comprehensive support to churches and schools that may lack the necessary skills and capabilities to do this on their own. The technical support offered by AdventSource, the official leadership resource center for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America — and the organization entrusted with managing the ACC/ASC website developers and designers, training, and support — is a key feature of these web platforms. 

“We are excited to continue to bring high quality websites and support to our churches and schools across the North American Division territory,” said Brad Forbes, AdventSource president. “The North American Division will not only continue to provide templates, technical support, and more through Adventist Church Connect and Adventist School Connect, it will look for ways to improve this web service in keeping with updates in technology and enhanced needs in the field, at a significant cost savings to our churches and schools.”

As the ACC/ASC platforms evolve, the commitment to excellence remains steadfast. The ACC/ASC network will continue to support churches and schools, helping to ensure their digital success. AdventSource, with NAD support, will continue to manage the content management system contract; the division will provide web servers and backup services. Adventist Church Connect/Adventist School Connect encourage everyone to visit their local church and school websites to discover the diverse and impactful ministries within the Adventist community.


About AdventSource

AdventSource is the official leadership resource center for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. We partner with NAD departments and other ministry-focused organizations to develop, produce, and market targeted leadership resources and services to assist local congregations in fulfilling their mission. With the explosion of ministry opportunities on the web, in 2005 the North American Division asked AdventSource to provide support and training for Adventist Church Connect, which provides websites to churches and schools. AdventSource now offers 5,000+ ministry resources, supports more than 4,000 church and school websites, and handles thousands of phone calls and orders each month.

About Adventist Church Connect: 

Adventist Church and School Connect began in late 2005 when the North American Division decided to offer every church and school a website at no cost to church or school. The goal was to encourage churches and schools in the United States, Canada, and Bermuda to use the Internet to reach their communities. The NAD asked AdventSource to add website development and support to the resources and services they provided to churches. AdventSource staff provide all design, training, and website support. Today ACC and ASC continue to grow, with new software updates, template selections, and features constantly being added.

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