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2023 North American Division Year-End Meeting Sees New Appointments in Presidential and Treasury Departments

On Friday, October 27, day two of the 2023 North American Division Year-End Meeting (NAD YEM), the NAD executive committee received names for new appointments recommended by the North American Division’s standing committee with an overwhelming majority vote.

Ivan Williams, Sr., current NAD ministerial director, was elected as the NAD vice president of strategic leadership; Adam Fenner, director of Adventist Learning Community (ALC), was elected to assume an additional role as NAD vice president for digital media; and Chad Grundy, Carolina Conference undertreasurer, was elected NAD undertreasurer.

Before sharing the new appointments, NAD president G. Alexander Bryant asserted, “We ask God to lead and guide us [in the election process]. And we believe God has led us to the recommendations we have today.”

Ivan L. Williams, Sr., Vice President for Strategic Planning and Leadership

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During the 2023 North American Division Year-End Meeting, Ivan L. Williams, Sr., ministerial director, was elected vice president for strategic planning and leadership. Photo: NAD Communication

Ivan L. Williams, Sr. was elected vice president for strategic planning and leadership, replacing Paul Brantley, who retired in 2021. “[Williams] will lead the division office in its strategic plans and innovation as we move forward. He will assist in greater collaboration and cross-fertilization of our departments,” said Bryant.

Williams has served as the NAD’s ministerial director for 12 years. He heads a team that supports more than 4,200 pastors and more than 100 ministerial directors and associates in Bermuda, Canada, the United States, and the Guam-Micronesia Mission. Williams will continue in his current role until January 2024.

Bryant affirmed, “The Lord has blessed him strategically as he has worked with our entities, especially our schools of theology across the division, and within his team.”

Williams’ educational preparation includes bachelor’s degrees in communications and theology from Oakwood University, a Master of Divinity from the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, and a Doctor of Ministry from the Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California.

His 30-year ministry career encompasses pastor, chaplain, and ministerial director roles in the South Atlantic, Southeastern California, and Northern California conferences. In 2017, he retired from 21 years as a United States Air Force Chaplain (Lieutenant Colonel) in the Air National Guard. Williams credits God and his family — his wife Kathleen and their two children, Imani and Ivan II, for their unconditional love and support throughout his career.

"I’m looking forward to helping develop current and future ministry leaders and impacting mission with innovation and culture change,” Williams said of his new assignment. “I also [hope to] build greater missional alignment within our division, helping people find joy in their service and be infectious with their excitement about ministry.”

Adam Fenner, Vice President for Digital Media

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During the 2023 North American Division Year-End Meeting, Adam Fenner, director of Adventist Learning Community (ALC), was elected to assume an additional role as NAD vice president for digital media. Photo: NAD Communication

Fenner was elected vice president for digital media, a new role that aligns with the media branch of the NAD’s strategic focus — multiply, media, and mentorship — voted in 2021. He will carry out this assignment alongside his present position as director of the Adventist Learning Community (ALC), which provides free professional development online courses for church professionals and volunteers, ministry resources, and uniquely Adventist content for all audiences.

Bryant expressed, “He has distinguished himself in his current role, he’s a millennial, and he has given tremendous leadership in the area of digital media in the development of the Adventist Learning Community and other digital media assets.”

While at ALC, Fenner has worked on dozens of digital ministry projects that have interacted with 10s of millions of people worldwide. He balances his extensive ministry online by spending dedicated time with God and his family — his wife, Susan, and sons, Jack and Leo — in nature.

Fenner’s initial plans as vice president of digital media are to “focus on streamlining current NAD digital ministry assets to be more effective through collaboration and implementing new technologies and workflows.” Long-term, he said, “What truly excites me is equipping and empowering our members to intentionally use their digital skills and platforms to proclaim the gospel. I firmly believe the local church, through the power of the Holy Spirit, holds the power to change not only individual lives but entire communities and, therefore, the world.”

He continued, “In 2 Corinthians 5:20, we are told to be ‘Christ’s ambassadors,’ and that He makes ‘His appeal through us.’ Digital technology gives us the biggest platform in the history of the world to declare Christ’s love.”

Chad Grundy, Undertreasurer

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During the 2023 North American Division Year-End Meeting, Chad Grundy, Carolina Conference undertreasurer was named NAD undertreasurer, succeeding Judy Glass, who was elected NAD treasurer and CFO in June. Photo: Carolina Conference Communication

Chad Grundy was named NAD undertreasurer, succeeding Judy Glass, who was elected treasurer and CFO in June. In this role, he will oversee the accounting functions of the treasury department and be the budget director. He has served in his present role as undertreasurer for the Carolina Conference for the past 16 years.

Grundy brings 26 years of experience in different conferences to the division. His previous positions include associate treasurer in the Gulf States Conference and assistant treasurer in the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference. He also worked as an accountant at Highland Academy and Adventist Book Center manager in the Gulf States Conference.

Additionally, he briefly served as the Carolina Conference’s information technology (IT) director. “In the three conferences, I have experienced improvements in church accounting software, which has allowed better financial reporting to our leadership teams and committees,” he said.

Grundy’s start date with the NAD is January 1. “I’m most excited about working with the NAD treasury team, especially with Judy Glass in the position she previously held,” he said. He also expressed appreciation for “the new [NAD] accounting software being developed for our churches and schools. I enjoy seeing technology being used to improve ministry.”

Glass stated,“We are looking forward to working with Chad and are excited about the skill set he brings. We believe that his expertise in both treasury and information technology will be a benefit to the whole North American Division.”

A proud product of Adventist education from elementary school, Grundy attained a B.S. degree in business administration from Southern Adventist University. At Southern, he met his wife, Amy, a registered nurse. Together, they have three young adult children: Ashley, a fourth-grade teacher; Allison; and Chad Jr. (both Southern Adventist University students).