Adam Fenner

Dr. Adam Fenner is the Director of the Adventist Learning Community, and a committed Andrews University educator and historian. He holds degrees from Andrews University, Stanford University, and American University. He was a missionary in Honduras for two years, and worked for the independent ministry Pan American Health Service, which operates an orphanage and malnutrition clinic in Honduras.

Adam calls himself “a product of Adventist Education” and thoroughly believes in the value of his uniquely Adventist educational experience. Having attended Adventist schools from first grade through college, he has seen the true and lasting value an Adventist education can provide, and is committed to strengthening the system that gave him the spiritual foundation and values he celebrates today.

When he’s not working, he likes to fish, kayak, paddleboard, travel, and most of all spend time with his sons Jack and Leo, and wife Susan.


Adam Fenner

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