Prison Ministry Sabbath

The North American Division Prison Ministry department solicits your special support of our Prison Ministry sector for Sabbath, December 12, 2020, the designated North American Division Prison Ministry Sabbath! 

We extend a special vote of affirmation and support to you, who facilitate, and to all who participate in ministry to our detained citizens and their families. Prison Ministry is the last ministry our Lord participated in prior to sharing His life for our salvation! Prison Ministry matters to Jesus! 

Our office has prepared materials for your use on Prison Ministry Sabbath, and beyond! Included is a Prison Ministry Emphasis sermon, by our capable Prison Ministry Coordinator, Dr. Cleveland Houser, which can be used on December 12, 2020—or any appropriate occasion. 

Please find the “NAD Prison Ministry Emphasis Day Resource Packet” and other Prison Ministry resources below.

Prison Ministry Sermon

• Prison Ministry Statement 

Prison Ministry Call to Action 

• Prison Ministry Social Media Materials 

Whether you are a Prison Ministry director, coordinator, volunteer, or you are connected with our Adult Ministries system in any way, we are grateful for all you will do to assist in Shining-A-Light on this vital ministry on December 12, 2020—Prison Ministry Sabbath!


Prison Ministry Statement

Prison Ministry is sharing Jesus with Correctional Residents and their families holistically; to restore dignity, self-respect, spiritual regeneration, social stabilization, and moral worth among humankind.    

Prison Ministry Call to Action

NAD Prison Ministry Call to Action 2020

Prison Ministry Social Media Materials

Prison Ministries Emphasis resource list

Prison Ministries statement

2020 Calendar of Special Days


December 12, 2020
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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