Offering Calendar

January 23, 2021

Offering: Religious Liberty (NAD)

Your Religious Liberty Offering will sponsor Liberty magazine subscriptions to high-level government officials, federal, state, and provincial judges, and prominent social and religious leaders throughout North America.

February 13, 2021

Offering: Adventist Television Ministries Evangelism

On Feb. 13, 2021, celebrate Adventist television ministries by giving a special offering. Adventist television has been around for decades, almost since the inception of TV. Thousands have been introduced to the truth through the TV ministry of Breath of Life, Faith for Today, It Is Written, and Jesus 101. Your support allows the Gospel to continue to be shared today.

March 27, 2021

Thirteenth Sabbath Offering: Euro-Asia Division (ESD)

Learn more about the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering and the Euro-Asia Division (ESD).