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Adventist HealthyYOU Made to Move Challenge

Adventist HealthyYOU Made to Move Challenge

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September 19-27, 2020

With over 650 named skeletal muscles in the human body, it is clear that we were Made to Move!  The North American Division is continuing to encourage congregations and organizations to plan physical activity events for their communities.  Get ready for the Made to Move Challenge (MTMC), to get up, moving, and gaining a bit more strength — both physically and spiritually.

The “Challenge” in MTMC is really about YOU.  This is about challenging yourself to do just a bit more than you may do otherwise.  And it’s also about challenging your church, school and community to come together in a healthy (and safe) way even during a global pandemic.  With daily activities and inspirational thoughts, you can cheer each other to not give up on this mini battle against gravity and inertia. 

Wherever you are on your health journey, join us for a week-long challenge to get a little more fit. Recommended daily schedules are available HERE!

Movement. We were made for this!

Learn more at and REGISTER TODAY


If you missed the orientation webinar on August 30, 2020, watch it online to learn about the MTMC program and meet our primary contributors. 


  • Create opportunities for churches and schools to come together (virtually) for physical activity
  • Create opportunities to invite community members to join the church/school in a fun health-promoting activity
  • Maintain ministry in the light of an infectious pandemic, considering all safety precautions

Get Started

  1. Talk to your church pastor, school sponsor, and other leadership about participating
  2. Register to participate as a group, or individually
  3. Plan to attend the online training sessions
    1. Sunday, August 30 at 7:00 pm Eastern
    2. Sunday, September 6 at 7:00 pm Eastern
  4. Review the Program Guide (coming soon)
  5. Visit AdventSource for Made to Move Challenge products (coming soon)

Community Focus

The Made to Move Challenge is a great way to engage your community and minister to their needs, even in the face of unprecedented situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consider these ideas:

  • Virtual 5K walk/run – see the Columbia Union’s Virtual Visitor 5K/1 Mile run/walk
  • Family fun activities – provide kits to be used at home or find online activities to share
  • Free health screening – work with a local hospital, clinic, or non-profit to make it safe
  • Healthy lifestyle education through online webinars
  • Health book/literature distribution
  • Volunteer as a group at a local non-profit to help the needy in the community
  • Get the Made to Move Challenge shirts to show togetherness (coming soon)

Don’t forget to invite community partners, such as:

  • Nearby churches
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Schools and universities
  • Fire and police departments
  • Public health department
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Athletic groups (runners, bikers, etc)

Sabbath Resources

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Sebastien Braxton

Sebastien Braxton received the gospel while serving in the USMC.  Since then God has used him in a variety of ways to build up His kingdom.  Sebastien serves as a member of the Inverse Team, a young-adult sabbath school tv show on Hope Channel.  Sebastien has served as the general vice-president for GYC.  He is the former program director for CAMPUS and the founder of STRIDE, public campus ministry training programs in Michigan and Boston respectively.  Sebastien is a radical young preacher who has spoken to audiences in over 80 countries seeking to open God’s heart through the scriptures and the Adventist end-time message.  He currently serves as the CEO for Fiat Lux, an online christian mentorship program.  He is happily married to Candis with their four children, Naphtali, Zenon, Merari, and Ava.

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