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Launching an enditnow campaign will help your church draw awareness to the issue of abuse, promote collaboration with the community to develop solutions, and help your church become a safe place for everyone. The official enditnow emphasis day is the fourth Sabbath in August, but can be held on any date convenient for your church. Join us to help end abuse, create safe churches, and help victims.

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This year for enditnow® Emphasis Day, August 28, 2021, we have chosen to focus on the issues of youth violence and pornography. These are not issues normally discussed, and we know that some will be uncomfortable with the topic. Yet it is vital that we recognize the problem. More and more we read in the newspapers of violence perpetuated by and against young people. We can no longer pretend that this problem exists only outside the doors of our church. Our young people are not safe! We must find ways to help them deal with the destructive and harmful effects resulting from these types of abuses. With God’s help we will make a difference in their lives and help the healing process to begin.

This enditnow® resource packet comes to us from North American Division Women’s Ministries. The sermon, “Bringing Peace Home,” was written by Sarah McDugal, MSA-ID, author, trainer, abuse recovery coach and founder of WildernesstoWILD.com. We thank Sarah for the information that she shares in the sermon and the encouragement and guidance she shares from the Bible. And thanks for giving us permission to use her eBook, Abuse Advocacy, and her infographic poster. The seminar, “The Problem with Pornography: Addiction, Abuse, & Affliction,” was written by Erica Jones, assistant director of North American Division Women’s Ministries. The extra seminar, “Dangerous Kissing Cousins,” written by Drs. Claudio and Pamela Consuegra, directors of North American Division Family Ministries, was published in Ministry® International Journal for Pastors, November 2019. 


1.“Bringing Peace Home” Sermon

2. Bringing Peace Home PPT

3. The Problem with Pornography PPT

4. Statement on Pornography

5. Dangerous Kissing Cousins


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Sermón PPT

El problema de la pornografÍa

Pornografía y violencia de pareja

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