Calvin Watkins

Calvin Watkins

Vice President, Regional Liaison/Evangelism

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Maurice Valentine

Maurice Valentine

Vice President for Media


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Maricel Pascual

Executive Assistant

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Anabell Barrientos-Calderón

Administrative Assistant


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How we serve

Within the Division office

The role of the Presidential group is to provide strategic leadership and supervision to each department and ministry which is a part of the North American Division. In doing so we will ensure that each department and ministry of the NAD is aligned with the overall mission of our Division and is developing ministry resources which will facilitate our unions and conferences.

Within the Division-at-large

We will provide administrative leadership and counsel to our unions and conferences in terms of constituency, departmental, and localized needs. We will also ensure that our departments and ministries develop and provide resources, including strategic planning resources, in order to facilitate the ministry of the unions and conferences.

Our specific goals include:

  • The implementation of the REACH initiatives within the NAD Office by the end of 2011
  • Introduction of the REACH values and major strategic initiatives at the 2011 NAD Year-end meetings
  • The development of strategic planning resources that will assist our unions and conferences as they implement the enduring values/principles of REACH
  • To establish the NAD Media Plan at the time of the 2011 North American Division Year-end Meeting

NAD Media Ministries

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