"The Great Controversy" Project

During the Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) International Convention in August 2021, General Conference president Ted Wilson announced an initiative to distribute up to one billion copies of Ellen White’s The Great Controversy worldwide. The book is a powerful tool for sharing the gospel and has been instrumental in the conversion of many Adventists worldwide.

The initiative encourages Seventh-day Adventists to read and share the final book in The Conflict of the Ages five-book series. The Great Controversy is a comprehensive look at the history of the world from a biblical perspective and the ultimate victory of God over Satan.

“The written word is the basis of the preached word,” says North American Division (NAD) Literature Ministries director Carl McRoy. “It prepares people to respond to oral presentations of the gospel and reinforces the points made from pulpits and media broadcasts, often answering questions that arise while listening to a sermon or Bible study.”

As 2023 begins, the NAD is encouraging members to participate. In past efforts, the focus was on mass distribution of books, either by door-to-door drop-offs or via the mail. Those strategies work well in some areas; in others, a more personal approach can be more effective.

Members who decide to participate can share the book with their friends, family, and community through various means, including face-to-face conversations, social media, and group studies. In 2023, members are encouraged to read (or reread) The Great Controversy in the format they appreciate the most; then find ways to share this life-changing material with others.*

Read It First

Although The Great Controversy is an often-referenced classic work written by one of the Church’s key founders, some church members may not have had the opportunity to read the book.

“I am excited by the upcoming initiative of getting the books of The Desire of Ages and The Great Controversy in the hands of as many of our family, friends, and colleagues as possible,” says NAD president G. Alexander Bryant. “We are asking everyone across our division to read or read again this amazing book for our time."

Anyone can access The Great Controversy free online at www.TheGreatControversy.org. You can find the entire text online, listen to the audio version, or download a PDF or EPUB. For those who prefer a physical book, Pacific Press Publishing Association offers more than a dozen White Estate-approved editions at www.AdventistBookCenter.com/GreatControversy. Find a version for nearly anyone: illustrated, large print, condensed, abridged, youth, Spanish, and more.

The Great Controversy is an ideal book for small groups and Bible study class settings. Companion study guides are now available to help facilitate both small group and personal study.

Join the Project

Next, it’s time to get involved, and there are several ways to do that. Individuals can work within their own circle of influence — friends, family, colleagues — to gauge interest and share books. Church congregations may consider more large-scale approaches, such as distributing copies at local events.

Some churches are considering a multi-stage approach, starting with sharing The Desire of Ages or Steps to Christ.

“Quiet time with a book and the Holy Spirit is often the best Bible worker for hard-to-reach people,” says McRoy. “Plus, people forget. Paper remembers.”

The General Conference has developed a website for the initiative: www.GreatControversyProject.org. The website hosts a proposal appropriate for presenting to a church board, information on how to order bulk quantities of the book, promotional materials, and even a reading plan and study guide for the book.

Pacific Press Editions

Pacific Press Publishing Association offers more than a dozen White Estate-approved editions of The Great Controversy at www.AdventistBookCenter.com/GreatControversy. There are also Spanish, French, and Portuguese translations of several versions, and more languages will be added this year.

* Audio versions are also available. Here is a link to one from the Ellen G. White Estate; Christian Record Services for the Blind also has The Great Hope, a condensed version of The Great Controversy, resource material available.

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