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Seventh-day Adventists affirm the dignity and worth of each human being and decry all forms of physical, sexual and emotional abuse and family violence.

We recognize the global extent of this problem and the serious, long-term effects upon the lives of all involved. We believe that Christians must respond to abuse and family violence both within the church and in the community. We take seriously reports of abuse and violence and have highlighted these issues for discussion at this international assembly. We believe that to remain indifferent and unresponsive is to condone, perpetuate, and potentially extend such behavior.

We accept our responsibility to cooperate with other professional services, to listen and care for those suffering from abuse and family violence, to highlight the injustices, and to speak out in defense of victims. We will help persons in need to identify and access the range of available professional services.

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You can launch this campaign on enditnow Emphasis Day, which is the fourth Sabbath in August, or on any other Sabbath that works for your church.
The Summit on Abuse is an annual training event to equip both leaders and lay members to make their churches safe places. Presentations are archived on the Adventist Learning Community.

Order our free materials from AdventSource and have them readily available for church members and your community.