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When Radio Went to the Movies

radio hacksaw ridge handout

Free books are handed out at WYEJ Radio event on Nov. 4, 2016, at a local theater in South Carolina.

On Nov. 4, 2016, an unprecedented outreach opportunity was presented to the Adventist Church with the release of “Hacksaw Ridge,” the movie about Desmond Doss. Realizing this, WYEJ (Where You Enjoy Jesus) Radio, a member-owned Seventh-day Adventist radio station located on the campus of the North Anderson church in Anderson, South Carolina, decided to undertake a project to increase awareness of It Is Written and WYEJ Radio by going into theaters to hand out the John Bradshaw book, The Faith of Desmond Doss.

A bookmark was inserted into each book indicating that this was a gift from WYEJ Radio. The bookmark also offered information on how to listen to the station. Permission was received to place books on three tables in two theaters. With the support of the North Anderson Seventh-day Adventist Church and It Is Written, 3,400 books have been distributed.

Books were available for moviegoers to pick up on their own, but church members felt that the books would have more value to readers if they were given to them personally. The volunteers reported that everyone they talked to, some with tears in their eyes, were very impressed with the Desmond Doss story. One woman stopped on her way into the theater to pray over the books, and even volunteered to come back to help. Another woman said she was going to take the book to her Bible study group.

Others requested Bible studies and more information about Seventh-day Adventists. Two individuals visited the North Anderson church the following Sabbath and have continued to attend. If support allows, WYEJ plans for more projects in the community.

Since August 2015 WYEJ has been broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on 106.7 FM to the estimated 123,000 residents within its listing area. It is an affiliate of LifeTalk Radio, a media ministry of the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that provides programming to about 100 stations nationwide.

More About WYEJ

One way WYEJ Radio keeps costs low is by foregoing the expense of producing local programming, relying instead on the professional programming provided by LifeTalk Radio. Speakers such as David DeRose, Dwight Nelson, and Shawn Boonstra can be heard daily. While most programming is prerecorded, there are several live shows that can be heard. WYEJ Radio is looking to update its antenna, which will allow listeners to have the highest quality signal without the interference some now experience. Learn more by emailing

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