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VOP's "Revelation Speaks Peace" Series to Begin Friday in Denver

revelation-speaks-peaceStarting this Friday night, the Good News will blanket the Denver area—and unlike some snowstorms that hit the region, the results will stick around for a very long time. Revelation Speaks Peace will take place Jan. 5 - Feb. 3, 2017, in downtown Denver, Colorado. This will be the culmination of years of planning by the Voice of Prophecy, Rocky Mountain Conference, and local churches.
The way the Lord has led during the series has already made an impression on the event coordinators. After the original venue fell through, an incredible series of events led to the team securing one of the best venues in town: the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, centrally located in the Denver Performing Arts Complex. And if recent Revelation Speaks Peace series in places like Seattle, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis are any indication, some incredible stories will start to emerge as people's lives are dramatically changed as they learn truths straight from the Bible.

Coordinators encourage those who live in the Denver area and would like to attend this event to register for their free seat at