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Carl Cosaert, Walla Walla Professor, Named President of Adventist Theological Society

Carl Cosaert

Carl Cosaert, a Walla Walla University professor of biblical studies, was named president of the Adventist Theological Society (ATS) in November 2016, following a two-year term as president-elect. He will serve two years as president.

“What interested me in helping out with ATS is their global outreach to the world church,” said Cosaert. “I’ve traveled for ATS internationally and have seen the blessing this organization has been in helping to educate church leaders as they grow in their understanding of the biblical basis of our Adventist beliefs.”

ATS resources are available by request from church leaders and seminaries for theological assistance, training for workers, Bible symposia, and camp meeting speakers. The ATS regularly touches Adventist leaders, pastors, theologians, and lay people with the inspiration, power, and depth of God’s Word.

In his work with ATS, Cosaert has traveled to Africa, Australia, and other international locations. On an ATS trip to Mexico, he helped with the recording of a video series titled “Faithful to the Scriptures,” which was prepared as a gift from ATS to the Seventh-day Adventist church. The series consists of 26 programs, each 30 minutes in length, that introduce viewers to the books of the Bible and what it means to be faithful to them. The series is available at

In 2014, Cosaert also completed a term as president of the Adventist Society for Religious Studies (ASRS). He is the first individual to serve as the president of both the ATS and the ASRS.