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Note: If a NAD Treasury document that you are looking for is not listed here, please call (301) 680-6209 or   

2013 Travel Report Form for Non-NAD Employee (PDF for printing)
2013 Travel Report Form for Non-NAD Employee (Excel with auto-computing. Save to your computer before filling out)
2012 Travel Report for Non-NAD Employees

SDA Accounting Manual Jan 2011 - Final
2010 NAD Operating Budget
2010 Year-end Meeting Treasury Report (PowerPoint Show)

2018 Remuneration Book (PDF)
2017 Remuneration Book (PDF)
2016 Remuneration Book (PDF)
2015 Remuneration Book (PDF)
2014 Remuneration Book (PDF)
2013 Remuneration Book (PDF)
2012 Remuneration Scale
2011 Remuneration Scale
2010 Remuneration Scale
2009 Remuneration Scale
2008 Remuneration Scale - Version 1

2008 Operating Budget for NAD 
Business Internship Application Form

Internship Subsidy Request

2011 Ministerial Scholarship Application Form (Editable PDF File)
Graduate Hispanic Scholarship Application
2017 Regional Scholarship Application (PDF) (Please note the list of conferences that are eligible for these scholarships before applying)

Regional Scholarship Brochure

NAD Local Church and School Accounting Manual
NAD Retirement Report for 2000-2005 (PDF file)

Use of Tithe - 2004-2003 Comparison
Tithing Principles and Guidelines (1990)

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