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Calendar of Special Days

The following documents (in PDF format) are days that have been voted at the annual North American Division Year-end Meeting:

2017 Calendar of Special Days List (PDF) (Approved at Year-End Meeting, 2016)
2016 Calendar of Special Days List (PDF) (Approved at Year-End Meeting, 2015)
2015 Calendar of Special Days List (PDF) (Approved at Year-End Meeting, 2014)


(Resources and links will be updated as they become available from the sponsoring departments)

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Focus of the Month – Friendship Evangelism:

Helpful websites and resources:
• Retention Ministry - Keep “Them” through Hospitality
(Word Document brochure)
• Retention Ministry - Keep “Them” through Hospitality
(PowerPoint Program)
• Women's Ministry (Friendship Evangelism)
• Heart Call - A Ministry to Reclaim Women
   Who Have Stopped Attending Church

• "Hospitality" in Women's Ministries
   Certification, Level 3

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  Special Days:

January 2, Day of Prayer
January 17-23, Religious Liberty Week

(NAD Religious Liberty offering will be taken January 24. Resource materials are mailed to each pastor and religious liberty leader.)

Helpful websites and resources:
• Prayer Ministries
NAD Prayer Calendar
• North American Religious Liberty Association (NARLA)
• Religious Liberty Manual (Tips for overseeing your Religious Liberty Ministry)
• How to Reenergize Your Local Church Religious Liberty Program (PowerPoint)
Liberty Magazine


Focus of the Month – Family Life:

Helpful websites and resources:
Family Ministries Training Program for Local Church Leaders (English)
  Family Ministries Training Program for Local Church Leaders (Spanish)
• Family Ministries Handbook (English & Spanish)
2016 Family Ministries Planbook – Healthy Families for Eternity
• Family Ministries Quick Guide

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  Special Days:

February 6-27, Black History Month
February 13, Christian Marriage Sabbath
February 13, Health Ministries Sabbath
February 13-20, Christian Home and Marriage Week
February 20, Christian Parenting Sabbath

Helpful websites and resources:

Christian Home and Marriage Week:
• Family Ministries website

Health Ministries Sabbath resources:
Vibrant Life Special Issue: Heart Matters
Order for a discounted price and share with your members and community friends during the Health Sabbath



Focus of the Month – Women in the Church:

Helpful website:
Women's Ministries

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  Special Days:

March 5, Women's Day of Prayer
March 6-12, Adventist Youth Week of Prayer
March 19, Disabilities Awareness Sabbath
March 26, ARM Safety Sabbath

Helpful websites and resources:
• Women's Day of Prayer Resources and Information
Disabilities Ministries Website
Disabilities Ministries Resources
Christian Record Services for the Blind
Safety Sabbath



Focus of the Month – Stewardship:

Helpful websites and resources
Counsels on Stewardship
Faith and Finance
Stewardship resources for children
Over and Over Again stories
Keeper of My Heart (2) DVDs


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  Special Days:

April 2, Missionary Magazines (Signs, Message, El Centinela)
April 9, Stewardship Sabbath
April 16, Literature Evangelism Sabbath
April 23, Education Sabbath

April 16-17, 2016, Day of Hope and Compassion - NAD initiative

Helpful websites and resources:
NAD Stewardship
NAD Education


Focus of the Month – Community Services:

Helpful website:
NAD Community Services


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  Special Days:

May 7, Community Services Sabbath
May 14, Youth Sabbath
May 21, Single Adults Sabbath
May 28, Deaf Ministries

Helpful websites and resources:
NAD Community Services

Youth Ministries
  The Jesus Way to Youth Discipleship
•  Hey Youth Preach the Word
•  Mission Lifeguard Training
•  More resources such as Just Claim It Prayer Time and YouthMinistry Formula (YM2), are available at the NAD and GC Youth Ministries Websites

Single Adult Ministries (ASAM)
ASAM 2016 Sabbath Materials
  ASAM 2014 Sabbath Materials: "A Recipe for Lemonade"
• ASAM 2012 Convention
• Adventist Single Adult Ministries (ASAM) Resources:


Focus of the Month – Church Growth and Evangelism:

Helpful website:
NAD Evangelism Institute
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  Special Days:

June 11, Women's Ministries Emphasis Day
June 11, Refugee Awareness Sabbath

Helpful websites and resources:
Women's Ministries Emphasis Day Materials
Adventist Refugee and Immigration Ministries


Focus of the Month Adventist Lifestyle:

Helpful websites:
NAD Health Ministries
Adventist Recovery Ministries
Adventists in Step for Life
NAD Emotional Wellness Summit 2016
SDA Dietetic Association
About Adventist Health Study II

Related Resources and QuickLinks:
• NAD Health Ministries Newsletter, Health Unlimited
• NAD Adventist Recovery Ministries Newsletter, Journey to Life
• Pacific Press Resources on Adventist

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  Special Day:

July 9 – Griggs University

Helpful website:
Griggs University


Focus of the Month – Spiritual Gifts:

Related Resources Quick Links:
AdventSource Special Days Resources on Spiritual Gifts
Pacific Press Resources on Spiritual Gifts

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  Special Day:

August 27 - Enditnow Day Emphasis Day (formerly "Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day")
Helpful websites:
www.nadwm.org (offers free downloadable Enditnow Day programs, videos, PowerPoint, and more, in several languages)
Recommended Resources for Abuse Prevention and Education:
Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day Resource Kit (in English, Spanish, and French), with sermon, PowerPoint illustrations and children’s story
Breaking the Silence – Set of seven brochures; available in English and Spanish from AdventSource.
Love Shouldn’t Hurt brochure – A resource for pastors and church leaders, from AdventSource.
• Child Predators -- A short video produced by Adventist Risk Management, available for viewing on YouTube.
Binding Up Bruised Reeds – A quick reference guide for pastors and lay leaders to help them respond to cases of family violence and child abuse and neglect, from AdventSource.
What Every Congregation Needs to Know About Domestic Violence brochure (in English and Spanish), from FaithTrust Institute
What You Need to Know About Sexual Violence brochure – from FaithTrust Institute.
• Seminars from NAD Summit on Abuse, online at www.nadwm.org:
• The Art of Bullying, Larry Blackmer
• Responding to Abusers, Christopher C. Bradford
• Breaking the Silence of Domestic Violence, Claudio Consuegra
• Domestic Violence Research in the Adventist Church, René Drumm
• Legal Implications for Reporting Abuse Within Organizations, Kent Hansen
• A Woman’s Worth, Darriel Hoy
• Teen and Young Adult Dating Abuse, Annie Perez, PhD
• Long-term Risks of Abuse and Effecting Resiliency: What You Can Do, Kiti Freier Randall, PhD
• Hope and Healing for Survivors, Katia Reinert
• Making a Difference in Spouse Abuse: Becoming a First Responder and Advocate, Stephanie Sheehan
• Overview of the Enditnow Campaign, Heather-Dawn Small
• Reality Bites: Dispelling Myths About Abuse, Clare Sheridan-Matney, MD
• Reconsidering Commonly Quoted Scriptures and Concepts, Doug Tilstra, PhD
Related Resources and QuickLinks:
• Abuse, Domestic Violence Prevention
• Enditnow
• Pacific Press Resources on Abuse


Focus of the Month – Health:

Helpful websites:

Related Resources Quick Links:
• Family Ministries Curriculum for Local Church Leaders
• Family Ministries Handbook (English & Spanish)
2013 Family Ministries Planbook (NAD Edition), Families Reaching Out
• Family Ministries Quick Guide

The Men’s Ministries Training program:
(English) (Spanish)

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  Special Days:

September 3 – Men's Day of Prayer
September 11-17 – Nurture Periodicals: (Adventist Review, Insight, Guide, Primary Treasure, Our Little Friend)
September 11-17, Family Togetherness Week
September 17, Family Togetherness Sabbath

September 18 Let's Move Day
September 18-24 – Hispanic Heritage Week
September 18-24 Let's Move Week/Health Education Week/Vibrant Life
Related Resources Quick Links and Helpful Websites:

Men's Day of Prayer:

2015 - "An Army of One"|"Atrévete a Ser Sabio"
English Materials |Versión en Español
2014 - "When No One Can, God Will!"
English version | Versión en Español (Coming soon)
2013 - "Day of the Knights"
English version | Versión en Español
2011 - "Don't Leave Home Without Him: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit"
English version | Versión en Español
2010 - "Bonds of Iron"
English version | Versión en Español
2009 - "Relationships that Tell it to the World"
English version | Versión en Español
2007 - "Powered by God"
English version | Versión en Español
AdventSource - September Special Days Resources
NAD Health Ministries website
Health Unlimited Newsletter


Focus of the Month – Adventist Heritage

Helpful websites:
Adventist Heritage
Adventist Heritage Magazine Collection
Archives and Statistics, GC
• Biblical Research Institute
Center for Adventist Research, Andrews Univ.
Ellen G. White Estate Official Web Site
La Sierra Library Heritage Room
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  Special Days:

October 1, Children's Sabbath
October 15, Spirit of Prophecy Sabbath
October 22, Pathfinder Sabbath

October is also, traditionally, Pastor's Appreciation Month

Helpful websites:
Children's Sabbath
AdventSource Related Resources
Vibrant Life Magazine
E. G. White Estate, Spirit of Prophecy Day - Heritage Sabbath - 2015
• Pathfinders



Focus of the Month – Prayer:

Helpful websites:
• Health Ministries Department
Adventist Recovery
Adventists in Step for Life
NAD Health Summit
Vibrant Life Magazine

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  Special Days:

November 5, Stewardship Sabbath
November 5-26, Native Heritage Month
November 6-12, Week of Prayer

November 12, Human Relations Sabbath
November 15, National Philanthropy Day
November 19, Welcome Home Sabbath

Helpful websites:
• Native Ministries
Stewardship Department
• Prayer Ministries
Reconnecting Ministries

Related Resources Quick Links:
• AdventSource Related Resources
• Week of Prayer Readings in Adventist Review, Usually the September issue (order in bulk at Adventist Book Center)
• Reclaiming:
Woman to Woman (Friendship Evangelism)
Heart Call - A Ministry to Reclaim Women Who Have Stopped Attending Church
Indescribable Welcome Home - A Leader's Guide
Indescribable Welcome Home - Bible Study Guide



Focus of the Month – Christian Hospitality

Helpful websites and resources:
Hospitality Ministry Description
• Retention Ministry - Keep “Them” through Hospitality (Word document brochure)
• Retention Ministry - Keep “Them” through Hospitality
(PowerPoint Program)
• "Hospitality" in Women's Ministries Certification, Level 3

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  Special Day:

December 3, Bible Sabbath

Helpful websites and resources:
• AdventSource Related Resources
Handbook for Bible Study
Journey of Joy DVD Bible Studies
Lifting Up Jesus
• NAD Website List of Bible Studies
Bibles and Bible study for visually impaired

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